Chocolate Snob

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Hopefully it was filled with good times and good food! My weekend went a little something like this:

Friday: Monthly Dinner Club Meeting at Modesto Tapas Bar


I’m really working on remembering to snap pictures of my food at all times like a true blogger, but this time I failed and I am sorry for depriving you of mouth-watering photos of all the delicious things we consumed. I will have you know that various tapas, paella and sangria were enjoyed by all involved, and you’ll just have to take my word for it this time;)

Saturday: Wedding Reception

My friend Michelle’s step sister got married in Vegas a few weeks ago and they celebrated with family and friends this weekend. There was a photo booth at the reception, so Michelle and I took full advantage of this opportunity.

peace2 peace

While you can’t really tell in this picture, the reception was on the 42nd floor of the building. It was creepy to look down but it made for a pretty sweet photo background.


The reception only had light appetizers, so we went to one of my favorite places in St. Louis, Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, to grab a bite to eat after the reception.


While I usually always get one of their delicious chocolate martinis, this time I opted to just stick to food. We shared some pizza and hummus, and a few bites of a brownie sundae–I mean, you can’t not consume some form of chocolate when at the chocolate bar, as that would just be nonsense.

Sunday: Whole Foods


My parents gave us a gift card to Whole Foods after we watched their dog Bodhi a few weeks ago (my parents know me so well).

photo 5

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Here’s a few of the items that we bought:


I know this picture is blurry, but please note the bag of chocolate chips as there is an important backstory that I think you should know.  Usually, our Whole Foods carries Callebaut chocolate chips which are the best chocolate chips available (I am sorry if this offends you, but I am just stating the facts as they currently stand—please let me know if you have an argument against this, as I will gladly taste test any possible contenders for the top spot).

Anyway, I was extremely saddened to discover that they didn’t have my beloved cc’s, so I decided to try the 365 brand chocolate chips. Being the chocolate snob that I now realize I am, I was worried that they wouldn’t meet my expectations because the are made with “chocolate liqueur” instead of cocoa, which for some reason unnerves me.

So like any normal person, I stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home to buy their chocolate chips (which I have never actually tried but they are made with cocoa) as a backup in case the 365 ones didn’t pan out. It turns out that I actually liked the 365 chips better, but I think I will be able to eat the Trader Joe’s chips too if I must—where there is a will, there is a way;)


While I was on the above mission, Justin went next door to World Market to buy their Jamaican Jerk seasoning, which is a staple in our household–the recipe we use it for is coming soon!!!


He also bought this bad boy for $20 to further enable our fruit-infused water obsession.


We also apparently have a mason jar obsession…

Cheers to the week ahead!