Happy 61st birthday to the best daddy a gal could ask for!


His birthday was on Thursday but we celebrated this weekend with a homemade birthday card:

John Birthday

Justin is a wiz at Photoshop but not at spelling the word “birthday”.

(My siblings and I joke that my dad resembles Tony from the Tony’s pizza package in case you were confused by this card.  Also, my dad is obsessed with the items listed as being part of the “John Horvath Special”. If you are still confused, that is probably to be expected).

Homemade lasagna…


…and homemade birthday cake, of course! (I take cake very seriously and there must never be a birthday in my presence where there is not cake. If you do not like cake then I will just have to eat it myself at your next birthday.)

2014-01-12 15.08.25

I used this recipe and it was extremely delicious instead of just regular delicious, which is important for birthdays because they should be special.

For anyone who has baked a cake from scratch, you understand that it is sort of an all-day activity. I mean, before you even physically start baking you have to contemplate which recipe to use from Pinterest which is quite a task in itself. After assembling, preparing, and mixing together all the ingredients…

If you can't get butter infused with the tears of virgin Dutch milkmaids, store bought is fine.

…and finally getting the cake into the oven and waiting for it to bake, you must then wait for it to cool off before frosting and decorating. I decided it would be a good time to get a workout in.

Fueled by cake batter, I ran 6 miles in my makeshift home gym in the basement (by makeshift I mean my dad put up a couple drywall walls for me so I could run on the treadmill without being creeped out by the rest of the cold, dark unknown that is every basement that isn’t finished).

2014-01-12 16.00.11

A few notes about the above photo:

1. It is hard to take a picture with your phone while running (even when you slow down to 5mph)

2. I would one day like to know how to use that punching bag without feeling like I have broken my hand.

3. There is a spinning bike right next to the treadmill so in the mirror it kind of looks like I am running on the bike (note to self: I need to use the spinning bike more (to bike on, not run)).

4. Style information: Pants: My mom’s workout leggings from 1988; Top: a holey t-shirt my husband found in a parking lot in college that I had already started wearing regularly before knowing this information; Headband: Walmart

5. Let me know if you would like me to do a more in-depth post about fashionable workout attire.

6. Sometimes, cake is good for post-run recovery.

2014-01-12 19.17.43

Hope you all had a great weekend!