Weekend Recap

It’s Monday, which means another week has begun–but first let’s reflect on the highlights from this past weekend. Hope yours was fabulous!


In early celebration of National Trails Day (which I just found out was on June 7th!), my parents and I went for an awesome hike at Castlewood State Park. This was my second visit to this park, and the trails were just as fun the 2nd time around! One huge plus was that no snakes were encountered during our hike–you never know this time of the year…

Buddy came too, of course. castlewwod

photo 2

I know what you’re thinking, corny but somehow cute at the same time. Note to self: If wearing a racerback tank, also wear a racerback sports bra.

The trail we took was called the River Scene Trail and has some of the park’s best views. The first quarter mile or so consists of a forested hillside and then turns uphill towards the top of the bluffs. The trail then follows the edge of the bluffs for about a mile past scenic overlooks that provide views of the Meramec River valley more than 200 feet below.

photo 3

At the end of the bluff, a wooden boardwalk descends into the river valley to a tunnel under the Union Pacific railroad. You must pass through the tunnel to get to the last two miles of the trail that leads you along the Meramec River. This would be that tunnel:
photo 4Is it just me or is this tunnel totally creepy? I actually sprinted through it to get it over with faster. Luckily, getting through this challenge is worth it and leads to my favorite part of the trail.

photo 5 photo 3

Another rather cheesy photo for your viewing pleasure, you’re welcome.

After our hike, we stopped and ate a picnic lunch at one of the many picnic tables available there.


photo 2

Turkey on pumpernickel, carrots and celery, and tortilla chips with Newman’s Own medium salsa, which I’m currently obsessed with. It’s been forever since I’ve had a picnic lunch–reminds me of my childhood.

If you haven’t been and live in the area, Castlewood is worth a visit. The park has hiking and mountain biking trails that range from those great for first-time riders to ones that even the most experienced will return enjoy. The park is considered one of the best mountain biking locations in the St. Louis area. Speaking of mountain bikes, I ordered this baby from Sports Authority last week and it’s on its way:

titanI’m pretty excited to finally have a bike again (it’s been almost 3 years!)…however, I didn’t think about the assembling of above bike when I ordered it online. I guess I just pictured it being delivered already put together, but my dad seems to picture it otherwise. He said I can probably take it to Sports Authority and they will assemble it for me. Well, however it ends up being pieced together, I am pumped to go for some nice long rides this summer.


One of my best friends since high school recently graduated with her Education Specialist degree, and we celebrated her awesome achievement on Saturday.


I don’t see these girls nearly as often as I would like. Michelle (with the red hair) is the wonderful lady we were celebrating. Bekah (on the left) lives in Nebraska and just had her second baby boy a few months ago. Abigail (on my right) is expecting her first child in November! There’s nothing better than spending time with old friends.


Sunday was pretty uneventful and mostly centered around household chores, so not exactly a Sunday Funday. The main events included a quick 4-miler on the mill:

photo 3

Some gardening:

hydrangea azalea

Some household maintenance:


And dinner courtesy of the grill:

photo 1

Grilled halibut and asparagus with quinoa. Delicious combination if I do say so myself. Not pictured is the chocolate that immediately followed.

Hope you had a great weekend!

strawberry heart