First Date

So it feels a little like a first date. What if I say something embarrassing? What if I have spinach in my teeth (which is actually a chronic problem I have)? What should I wear? Well, I guess the latter doesn’t really matter but just in case you are wondering:


You are welcome.

I know this isn’t really a date outfit, but it served as an appropriate vehicle in which to go grocery shopping. Which on a side note, the weatherman is predicting something along the lines of a “snowmageddon” for the St. Louis area, so accordingly the grocery store was out of food as people prepare for the possibility to be snowed in for, judging by the empty shelves, I’m guessing to be a month or so. They were even out of my beloved broccoli, but I still managed to pick up another treat:


As per a first date, it’s hard to really get to know someone when you first meet (and if you are like me, you usually don’t even remember that person’s first name). What I am trying to say is, hopefully we can get together again soon and start hitting it off:)