38 Weeks 

Feeling: Nervous/excited/happy/a little sad. The nerves are mostly about balancing a newborn and a toddler. The excitement/happiness is pretty obvious–I can’t wait to meet our little bear cubby! The little bit of sadness is just the bittersweetness of Scarlett not being my only baby anymore, and most likely from haywire hormones. I had a few weepy moments this week, and I think I remember that happening around this time during my first pregnancy too. As for feeling sad about Scarlett, for almost 2 years it has been “Scarlett and Mama” and all that’s about to change–it’s a wonderful change, but also a huge change for all of us. I just know Scarlett will be an amazing big sissy:)


  • My left eye has been twitching for the past 4 days, not sure if related to pregnancy 
  • Stronger Braxton-Hicks waves
  • Much stronger, sharper pulling/stretching sensation in upper inner thighs that comes on suddenly and intensely that I have to stop moving for a few seconds. Also has been happening a lot more frequently.
  • Feel a little less huge this week–maybe my weight gain has finally slowed down? I’ve read that it’s supposed to during the last month.
  • Despite feeling big, I still get comments that I’m “small” or “tiny” and I just have to laugh at that.
  • Even though I’ve gained about the same as my last pregnancy (a little more actually) I feel like it’s more concentrated in my belly than with my first (i.e. my thighs/arms don’t seem to have added as much extra fat this time, but I could be wrong)
  • Still no stretch marks on my belly, but do have some on the back of my hips/butt, although I already had some previous to pregnancy so not sure if they’re just more noticeable now.
  • I finally have somewhat of a linea nigra–I had a more noticeable one with Scarlett that appeared about halfway through I think, but this time it’s barely noticeable and just appeared during the last month of pregnancy
  • Breathing is still difficult at times, especially when sitting for prolonged periods and seems to be worse in the evenings

Sleep: Most nights of the week I wake up around 4 in the morning and it takes a few hours of tossing and turning to fall back asleep. I often use this time to visualize my birth (helpful) and think of all the things I need to do before baby boy’s arrival (not helpful;)

Cravings: Nothing really

Aversions: Same as previous weeks–nothing in particular just don’t enjoy a lot of the things I used to (particularly Asian, much to J’s dismay;)

Exercise: I definitely feel better when I’m able to get outside for a walk, especially when the weather is nice since sunshine = vitamin D. I’ve still been doing mostly Tracy Anderson pregnancy project and cycling workouts, and I’ll throw in a Jillian Michaels and prenatal yoga workout about once a week as well.

Baby Prep: This weekend I will be busy washing all the baby things! I’m pretty sure we have most of what we need for those first few weeks, but if not there’s always Amazon prime😀 In the next few days I also plan on getting my car cleaned and installing the infant car seat, getting all the baby stuff organized and set up in our bedroom, packing hospital bags and overnight bag for Scarlett just in case, grooming Buddy, and making sure I have postpartum recovery items ready to go at home (something I didn’t have the first time around).

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