Weeks 33-34

: Really good! (Finally!) Week 33 I was getting over another cold, but during week 34 I felt better than I have in a long time. The weather was gorgeous (70s in February!?) so I went for a walk pretty much everyday and I was finally able to walk comfortably without lower abdomen cramps, hooray! I’m not sure if walking more regularly helps things from getting tight and cramping up, or if something (baby, uterus, etc) has shifted causing less discomfort? Whatever it is, I hope it lasts! It felt amazing to be able to walk normally/comfortably again. I also had a lot more energy the past week after two weeks of feeling exhausted, and then a week recovering from a cold, it was a welcome change!


  • Braxton-Hicks a lot, especially in the evening 
  • Lower abdomen cramping during workouts at times, but not as bad as previous weeks 
  • Pulling/stretching sensation in upper inner thighs
  • Feeling things loosening up–if I lie on my back and move around, the bones in my lower back feel very shifty and loose (don’t know how else to describe it)
  • Still get up at least three times a night to pee
  • Mid back still bothers me every once in awhile, but not as bad


  • Grapefruit 
  • Spaghetti & meatballs 
  • Fruit Greek yogurt with almonds
  • Jimmy Johns veggie subs
  • Kale salad

Aversions: Same old same old– nothing really in particular, just many things I usually like are unappealing 

Exercise: As mentioned above, I stopped cramping up so much while walking, hooray! I went for a walk almost everyday during week 34 and it felt great! However, I still can’t handle more than 10 minutes on the treadmill, even at a very easy pace. Therefore, I’m still sticking mostly to my spin bike for cardio–thank goodness for GCN workouts on YouTube! I absolutely can’t do a cycling workout on my own without instruction, I get too bored. I did one or two grit strength workouts, but I think from here on out I’ll have to take a break from grit, or modify a ton–I just can’t do burpees anymore without risking injury at this point, haha. Aside from that, I’ve done some Tracy Anderson here and there, the occasional Jillian Michaels, about one prenatal yoga session each week, and I was able to do a full body combat workout without cramping up too bad. 

Baby Prep: After months of having it narrowed down to two, we finally decided on baby boy’s name! And I must say, it feels so good to be able to finally have a name for this little being in my tummy:) 

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