Weeks 29-30

Only 10 weeks left until we get to meet our sweet little boy! 💙

Feeling: Excited/tired/energized/happy/nesty. So as you can see, feeling a lot of things! Now that I’m 30 weeks and in the home stretch, I get more and more excited everyday to meet our little guy. One thing I love about the hypnobabies program is the time you spend visualizing being with your baby and the joyful birth of your baby. The closer I get to my “guess date” the more happy and excited I become! I also feel him moving around all the time (especially in the evening) which I absolutely love! I’ve tried to see if Scarlett could feel him kick a few times and I think she did tonight because she said “Baby?!” in a tone that was like “why are you kicking me?”😊Regarding the tired/energized, my energy levels have really been up and down lately. Yesterday and today, for example, I’m feeling really good and energized, but earlier this week I was feeling very tired, especially once the afternoon hit. I’m also really feeling the urge to start buying everything we’ll need for baby boy’s arrival, and I really wish I could be putting together his nursery, but alas the whole moving situation (which btw we have a contract on a lot–woohoo! Now just to sell our house…:)

Symptoms: Ever since my chiropractor appointment last week, the body’s been feeling pretty good. My back isn’t really bothering me and my sacroiliac hasn’t been acting up lately. I was also able to jog on the treadmill nonstop for 20 minutes twice during week 30, which is the longest I’ve been able to do this past month because of lower abdominal cramping. Nausea came creeping back a few times this past week in the late afternoon/evening, but nothing too unbearable. So far I’ve had two leg cramps in the middle of the night, but both passed fairly quickly (probably because now I know to flex rather than point while stretching my leg). I’ve also been running out of steam by about 5pm some days, but have been going to bed later than before–usually around 11:30 or a little later. I think it might be because of doing my Hypnobabies before bed (coming out of a deep relaxation and then having to settle down again after coming back to full alertness).

Sleep: Sleep has been better since I looked up the correct way to use the Snoogle–I was using my regular pillow for my head, but find it more comfortable to use the Snoogle to support my head as suggested.

Body: I’ve been more comfortable the past week, and wonder if it has to do with baby’s positioning changing. I haven’t felt as “heavy” most days as I often did during my second trimester–maybe because I haven’t been eating as big of dinners lately? I’m just not that hungry in the evenings right now. We’ve also been getting Sunbasket which has smaller portions than we usually eat, which is probably a good thing. I haven’t really noticed a pronounced lines nigra this time, but I can see Avery faint line.

Cravings: I like eggs again and often will cook one in coconut oil for a snack (loved them early pregnancy, hated them until recently). I also eat kefir with bananas, cereal or granola, and almonds most days for lunch (and even one night for dinner recently). I also really like grapefruit right now and wish they were easier to eat. I’ve also been wanting sweets more, but try to limit to once or twice a week–the last two weekends I indulged with some chocolate ice cream with cookies/brownies:)

Aversions: Many things just don’t sound appealing still.

Exercise: During week 30 I decided to take a break from Tracy Anderson and I did Body Combat, two Grit Stength workouts, a 20 min treadmill + 20 min cycling cardio workout (it felt so good to do a cardio session longer than 20 min), a Jillian Michaels workout, and a 20 minute treadmill workout.

Baby Prep: I think we’ve pretty much narrowed it down to two names, and we’ll likely decide on one after we meet our baby boy and see which seems to fit:) Besides some clothes, we haven’t made any other purchases but I’m compiling a list of what we’ll need to buy before his birthday, and putting things in my Amazon shopping cart:)

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