Weeks 25-26

Feeling: Happy when I feel all those baby movements throughout the day that keep on getting stronger:)

Midwife Appointment: At my most recent appointment at almost 25 weeks, I was up about 17 lbs, and I definitely feel the gain! Haha. Baby boy is measuring right at 25 weeks with a heartbeat in the 140s:) The midwife said my blood pressure and everything looks great!

Symptoms: Occasional Braxton-Hicks here and there, exercise-induced cramping especially in right lower abdomen at times, I feel very heavy and lethargic the day after if I eat a heavy dinner the night before and I feel much better when I limit the carbs (unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as I would like!) Also, during Week 26 I started having some sciatica pain on my left side, which made certain things (like sitting on the floor) more uncomfortable. I also experienced this during pregnancy #1, but I think it was during the third trimester.

Sleep: Week 25 included a lot of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, so I finally started sleeping with my Snoogle during week 26. I also had a bad cold during week 26 so I needed something to help me attempt to get at least some sleep. 

Cravings: Nothing really, although pizza always sounds good;) I also was really happy about the Christmas cookies that occurred during week 25:)

Aversions: Again nothing in particular, but many things don’t sound very appealing.

Workouts: Week 25 I really had to play it by ear as far as cardio goes. Running and dance cardio have become very uncomfortable at times due to cramping in my lower abdomen. I was able to get in one 30 minute treadmill workout this week where my abdomen was being agreeable, but every other time I tried running (and very slowly) my stomach started cramping up within the first few minutes. I did a Body Combat workout which felt fine, as it’s a lot of upper body and not a whole lot of jumping around. I also did a spinning workout via YouTube, which didn’t cause any discomfort (other than it being pretty challenging as I haven’t taken a spin class in probably 2 years!). Week 26 was the same story, but this week I had some sciatica pain on my left side which made things worse, and even going on walks was very uncomfortable at times. I did my first prenatal yoga session of this pregnancy (a short 25 min YouTube video) and plan to try to incorporate one yoga session a week for the remainder of my pregnancy.

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