24 Weeks 

Feeling: Bigger, lol.

Sleep: Meh. I still wake up at least 2-3 times each night and often have trouble falling back asleep, mostly because it’s becoming more difficult to get comfortable. I think the Snoogle needs to make an appearance soon.

Symptoms: Have felt some tightness in my abdomen here and there–not sure if it’s Braxton Hicks already or just baby’s positioning at times. The top part of my butt is a little red and feels like I scraped it or something–I’m guessing this is due to the skin stretching (I think I remember this happening last time too). Becoming more short of breath–the other day Justin was standing near me and asked why I was breathing so heavily, haha. I’m also starting to lose some flexibility in everyday movements (such as bending over, sitting on the floor in certain positions, etc) and have to be more mindful so as not to injure myself especially when doing workouts.

Cravings: Nothing really in particular lately.

Aversions: Same as above.

Workouts: This week I wasn’t able to run on the treadmill comfortably–each time my lower abdomen would cramp up, especially the lower right side, and the longest I was able to do was 7 minutes before I gave up and got on the cycling bike instead. This started happening around the same time during my first pregnancy too–not sure if a support band would help?

Baby Prep: I bought a few zip-up onesies from Old Navy (the best & easiest piece of clothing for babies!)

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