Weeks 22-23

Feeling: Pretty good overall during week 22. I felt a little boost of energy midway through the week which was wonderful, as I had still been feeling pretty tired a lot of the time (not as bad as the first trimester, but still not ideal). The morning sickness also has continued to decrease, woohoo! Week 23 I was feeling a bit meh, and woke up one day feeling really off (sore, stiff neck and body, also bloated & heavy feeling)–luckily I had a chiropractic appointment that day which seems to have helped.

Symptoms: Chapped lips, plenty of baby movement that continues to increase in strength (felt like he was doing flips in there a few times this week), stabbing pain in feet here and there, starting to get that strange sensation when I try to twist my torso too much that I remember from last pregnancy, also been waking up with pain in my left knee &/or throbbing in my left big toe (not sure if directly related to pregnancy or just a small injury from working out?)

Cravings: Spaghetti, peppermint ice cream (strange), turkey lettuce wraps

Aversions: Eggs (funny because last week they were a craving, but felt sick after eating an omelette so back on the aversion list they go!)

Workouts: Worked out about 6 days each week, mostly including treadmill workouts, Tracy Anderson + 20 min of some form of cardio, and one BodyCombat session

Baby Prep: First baby purchase during week 21! I bought a few things from Gap during the Black Friday sale.

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