21 Weeks 

Feeling: Over the moon! We got to finally see our baby boy at my 20-week ultrasound, and everything looked great! He appears to be healthy and developing just as he should, what more could this mama ask for? 💙

How cute is that little nose?!

This ultrasound confirmed that my due date is around April 7 instead of April 1 like I thought. Even though the initial ultrasound estimated April 7, I was convinced that I was further along based on my last period and conception date (yes, I’m weird and know the date). I guess it’s a good thing I took almost all my weekly bump pics late in the week when I was nearly the next week anyway:)

Morning Sickness: This was the first week  in months that I was able to take my anti-nausea wristbands at times during the day, woohoo! I’m definitely feeling a lot better and I am so thankful that the worst of it seems to have passed.

Sleep: I had been sleeping pretty well, aside from getting up once or twice in the night to make a trip to the bathroom. Recently, however, I’ve been waking up for no apparent reason (although I suspect it might be baby boy moving around that wakes me) and then have trouble falling back to sleep at times. A few nights it happened multiple times throughout the night. Hopefully this passes! Also, I haven’t yet started using my pregnancy body pillow, but I may need to soon. I’m a stomach sleeper, and while my belly isn’t quite yet big enough for it to be uncomfortable, it’s becoming uncomfortable for my sore, sensitive boobs.

Other Symptoms:

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