20 Weeks 

And here we are, halfway there already! I can’t believe how quickly it goes.

Feeling: So excited that we’re halfway there to meeting our baby boy!

Symptoms: Feeling a bit less nauseous this week, which is wonderful! Hoping to ditch my stylish wristbands pretty soon:) Other symptoms: dry skin, chapped lips, get winded easily especially going up stairs/uphill, still get sleepy around 4pm until I go to bed, have to pee all day (and often night) long.

What’s new: A lot of baby movement the past week! While I’ve felt movement for a few weeks now, this is the first week where it’s been super noticeable and happens often throughout the day instead of maybe once or twice. I also made the transition to maternity pants this week. While I was still able to button some of my pants, I knew they would be very uncomfortable to wear all day at this point. I can’t say that I’m too upset–stretchy waist jeans are where it’s at! I remember not wanting to switch back last time:)

Body: I think it’s noticeable to others that I’m pregnant now, which is nice having a definite bump and not just looking like I ate too much Halloween candy:) 

Cravings: Still Greek yogurt with walnuts and banana, Jimmy Johns veggie sub (with Jimmy mustard & no mayo), and seafood pasta.

Aversions: Handsoap/body wash that smells too strong (not a new aversion, I just don’t think I’ve mentioned yet) the smell of certain foods cooking, sweets, potatoes, and weirdly enough I’ve noticed that carbs kind of gross me out at times–I definitely feel better too when I limit them.

Exercise: This week I did two GRIT Strength workouts, two days of 20 min cardio + Tracy Anderson, a 30 minute treadmill run, and a 4 mile run outside.

Baby Prep: Still nothing:-/

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