19 Weeks 

Feeling: A bit run down. This past week I was trying to fight off some kind of bug I think (Scarlett had a minor cold) and I just felt more tired and nauseous overall. I also had a headache off and on for most of the week.

Symptoms: Definitely starting to feel more little flutters in there! It’s most noticeable when sitting down after eating (which is actually happening now as I type this:) I felt a few flutters starting at about week 17, but they were more few and far between and often had me asking “Was that baby movement, or just gas?” Haha! Feeling more out of breath, especially when climbing stairs; round ligament pain and achiness in my lower abdomen; have to pee all the time and find it difficult not to pee a little when I sneeze or jump around (sorry if TMI!); face a bit broken out this week. As mentioned above, still have nausea and still feel tired a lot of the time.

Cravings: Greek yogurt with banana and walnuts, Jimmy Johns veggie subs, Indian food, and seafood pasta (luckily this craving will be satisfied on my bday next weekend when we try a new to us Italian restaurant that’s supposed to be good:) Also, I started drinking orange juice again after dinner most nights–it’s not as urgent a need as with my first pregnancy, but I just feel like I need something fruity after dinner to get any lingering unwanted tastes out of my mouth.

Aversions: Garlic, onions, sweets, potatoes, Chinese food. The smell of cooking certain foods (particularly anything with garlic) grosses me out and j have to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fan.

Body: Starting to actually “feel pregnant” a little more–I’ve noticed a sense of heaviness and change in my center of gravity a bit. I think it’s more noticeable to others now that I’m pregnant, too. My belly is also more firm to the touch as my uterus continues to expand, whereas in previous weeks my stomach just felt more squishy than pre-pregnancy. Also, my boobs feel heavy and uncomfortable without a bra. 

Exercise: Worked out 5 days this week, workouts included: 40 min treadmill workout, GRIT Strength, 20 min cardio+Tracy Anderson (x3).

Baby Prep: While we have a few names we’ve tossed around, the search isn’t over yet, although I’ve taken a short break from thinking about it. Still nothing bought yet.

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