18 Weeks 

It has occurred to me that almost every week I have been taking my weekly bump picture towards the end of the week (meaning I’m nearly  19 weeks in the above pic) and therefore by the time I write this, I am trying to remember the details from a week ago. I must be more punctual.

Feeling: A little anxious! We have to wait 3 more weeks to finally see baby boy on the ultrasound and have some peace of mind that everything is ok in there. I had a trans-vaginal ultrasound around 8 weeks, but at that point he was just a wee little bean:) Hopefully he cooperates better than Miss Scarlett did (we had to go in for a follow-up ultrasound because, due to her position at the time of the initial ultrasound, they weren’t able to get clear pictures of a few important things–she also had a choroid plexus cyst that they wanted to make sure disappeared, and thankfully it did!)

Symptoms: A lot of pulling and stretching sensations going on. Also still dealing with the morning (all-day) sickness thing. I always feel the need to pee and wake up a few times a night to go to the bathroom. My lips are beginning to become chapped like they were in my first pregnancy–must remember to wear Chapstick!

Cravings: Still Greek yogurt with banana and walnuts, Jimmy John’s veggie subs, honey crisp apples, and Indian food. Also spend a lot of time thinking about pizza:) Last weekend Justin made homemade pizza, Imos style salad, and chicken strips with ranch dressing (it was organic, that helps right?;)

Aversions: Still really don’t care for sweets. Justin broke into our Halloween candy a few days before Halloween and he offered me a Reese’s pumpkin. I ate it, but I really didn’t enjoy it, so weird right? I also still don’t care for anything too garlicky or with onions, and I recently stopped liking Asian food which is usually one of my favorites.

Body: At my midwife appointment at 17 weeks I was up 6 lbs, so 4 lbs gained since my last appointment. So pretty similar to my first pregnancy where I had gained 5 lbs by week 16. I haven’t tried on any of my regular pants in almost 2 weeks, but I have a suspicion that they would be pretty uncomfortable at this point:) My boobs still feel heavier/bigger since I stopped nursing Scarlett two weeks ago. Not sure if I’ve mentioned the shortness of breath yet, but it’s particularly bad after climbing stairs or talking for too long (this was a struggle when I was teaching!)

Exercise: Still work out 5 days a week on average. I’ve been trying to incorporate one longer cardio session each week (usually Body Combat or a 40 min run) one HIIT workout (GRIT Strength or Jillian Michaels) and the other days 20 min cardio + Tracy Anderson.

Baby Prep: We have two names that we’re throwing around lately, but haven’t stopped searching yet. I found some nursery ideas on Restoration Hardware’s baby & child website that I love, but since we’re trying to sell our house everything is a little up in the air right now as to when we’ll have a nursery to decorate. I also pinned some little baby boy clothes and can’t wait to buy a few cute little things:)

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