17 Weeks

Ok, so since I’m a little late in the game and just recapped my first trimester, I’m going to go ahead and skip ahead to where I currently am at 17 weeks along, mmkay? Don’t worry, I still included the glamorous bump pics from weeks 14-16 as well.

How I’m Feeling: Excited! Last weekend we found out we are having a baby boy! In other news, the all-day nausea is still hanging around but it started to get more bearable around week 14. Last year, I subbed about once a week or so at the school I previously worked at (before deciding to stay home with Scarlett), and I only just subbed my first day a few weeks ago when I was 14 weeks. Because I’ve been so nauseous all day everyday, I just didn’t think I could handle a full day of subbing until I was feeling a bit better. Since week 14, I’ve continued to get a little better each week, but I can’t wait for the day when it passes (with Scarlett it wasn’t until 25 weeks, and even then never completely went away, so we shall see…). I’m still more tired than usual and prefer to be in bed by 10 or earlier. In the evenings, I have to take it pretty easy still as that’s when I feel the most tired/nauseous.

Symptoms: The last few weeks I’ve definitely felt some round ligaments stretching going on, and have felt some slight cramping here and there. Also, this past week I think I have felt the first flutterings of baby boy! It could just be gas, but I don’t think so;) I’ve also had a few short episodes of sharp stabbing pain in my feet like I did with pregnancy #1–I’m guessing it has something to do with the uterus pressing on some nerves? Also, I’m still spitting like a camel. I try not to do it too much in front of Scarlett because she’s definitely in a monkey see, monkey do stage, but I can’t help it!

Cravings: Greek yogurt with walnuts, Jimmy Johns veggie subs, honeycrisp apples, Indian food

Aversions: Garlic, onion, sweets, eggs (mostly the smell–I actually had a veggie omelette when I went to breakfast with friends this week and it tasted just fine)

Body: I have my next midwife appointment this week, so not sure if I’ve gained any more L Bs, but I’m pretty sure I have. I feel like my belly kind of popped around week 16, or at least I think so. My pants still button at this point, but I’m guessing I have one, maybe two, more weeks before I need to switch to the old hair tie trick and some stretchy pants:) This week is when I first noticed some boob growth, which may be related to Scarlett just recently stopping nursing altogether last week. I also feel like I’m just a bit more jiggly than I was, especially my thighs.

Exercise: I’ve been able to do some 45-50 minute workouts again here and there (namely Body Combat and Tracy Anderson Method). My treadmill workouts have remained about 20-30 minutes as in the first trimester, but I have been able to jog/run the whole time instead of walk/run again. I’ve been able to workout 6 days a week again on some weeks, but mostly have still cut it down to 5 days/week.

Baby Prep: Still working on the Name Game! Still no purchases or nursery planning yet.

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