First Trimester (Baby #2)

Similar to with my first pregnancy, here I am in my 17th week and just now getting around to writing about my journey thus far. Constant nausea does have a way of interfering with one’s productivity (more on that later), not to mention running around after an almost 1.5 year old.

While I haven’t been active on this blog in quite some time (namely after the birth of Miss Scarlett), I really wanted to recap this pregnancy as well because I really want to be able to take a look back at this most special time in my life, just like with my first. It’s also really fun to compare the similarities and differences! So far I will say that this pregnancy is very similar to my first. Notice how in the above pictures I skipped week 11? This happened with Scarlett too! I think it was probably because I was feeling so bad I just couldn’t be bothered to snap a picture;)


How I told Justin: I pretty much knew from conception that I was pregnant. I just felt “off”, and knowing my body fairly well, I just had a feeling. I made myself wait to take a pregnancy test until the first day of my missed period, and sure enough. Please excuse the men’s tshirt in the above picture, I had just woken up (and yes, I prefer to sleep in men’s clothing).

Scarlett had slept late that morning, so Justin was already downstairs working. I got Bunny (Scarlett’s nickname) from her crib, handed her the test, and we walked downstairs while I took a video of the events. When we got down there, I said “Bunny has something for you”, followed immediately by Justin throwing his hands up on his head and saying something along the lines of “Oh my…no way…oh my  goodness…oh my..oh my goodness…”, etc. 🙂 It was a very similar reaction to finding out about Scarlett almost two years ago.

My reaction: Also similarly to finding out about Scarlett, I was surprisingly calm (although, I am a relatively calm person and not overly emotional, at least not outwardly).  I think I just knew both times around. Of course, I’m still even now in my second trimester trying to wrap my head around the fact that we’re having a second baby, but I’m so unbelievably excited!

First Midwife Appointment: This time around I am so excited to be receiving my prenatal care with Certified Nurse Midwives at the (relatively new) Mercy Birthing Center in St. Louis! It is for women hoping to have a natural birthing experience, and the best part is that it is located inside the hospital. With my first birth, I called the Birthing Center when I first found out I was pregnant and when I didn’t receive a call back, I ended up just going with an OB that a co-worker recommended. I didn’t have the best experience with this OB, and when she informed me that she would most likely not be there for my delivery because she was having surgery around my due date, I kind of freaked out and tried to switch to the Birthing Center. Unfortunately, by that point I was too far along in my pregnancy to be accepted. I did, however, visit the Birthing Center when we were at the hospital for a tour of the Labor & Delivery unit, and I spoke to a midwife about some of the things I was anxious about (namely trying to have a successful natural birth with a doctor who wasn’t aware of my wishes). The midwife helped put my mind at ease, and in the end I had an amazing natural birthing experience.

During my first appointment, I got to meet with two out of the three midwives and we had a nice conversation about my first birthing experience and how I’ve been feeling so far in my pregnancy. It was a nice change from my first experience where everything seemed to be strictly business at every appointment, and I never developed any kind of relationship with my OB–this time around, I feel so much more comfortable with the midwives already. After talking for a bit, they did a trans-vaginal ultrasound and we got to see the heartbeat! I was measuring about a week behind what I had calculated based on my last missed period and conception date (yes, I’m weird and know what my conception date it), but I’m estaimated to be due sometime around the first week of April (April 1 by my calculation, April 7 by the ultrasound).

Morning Sickness: I thought that maybe I would be lucky this time to skip over the whole nausea thing, but no such luck. Similar to my first pregnancy, it hit around the 6.5 week mark, peeked around weeks 9-10, and is still hanging around now at 17 weeks. It’s pretty much a 24/7 thing that seems to be the worst from about 5pm until I go to sleep. Up until a few weeks ago I would have to lie on the floor with my legs up on the wall (a posture I read helps nausea) a lot in the evenings. Other things that seem to help a bit: getting enough sleep, eating regularly, PSI bands worn all day (similar to SeaBands but better IMO), not getting overheated, drinking enough water throughout the day.

Cravings: In my early pregnancy before the nausea hit, I was eating eggs and greens (kale mostly) everyday for lunch–I just had to have them! However, with the nausea came food aversions, and that happened to include eggs big time–I won’t even let Justin cook them still, the smell just makes me gag. Salty and sour things seem to be my jam again with this pregnancy and I was eating lots of pickles, green olives, and chips and salsa (until this came back up one day, sorry if tmi) during my most nauseous weeks. Lately I’ve been really into Greek yogurt with walnuts, honey crisp apples, Jimmy Johns veggie subs, and Indian food (especially samosas and shrimp biryani).

Aversions: Garlic, onion, coffee (I stopped drinking it for a few weeks, but started drinking a bit again to help with slow digestion issues), sweets, eggs, and honestly most things just don’t taste that great to me. It’s not as bad as with my first pregnancy where I literally had to force myself to eat, especially during dinner, until I was around 17 weeks or so. This time around I feel my appetite is a lot better and I don’t have as many aversions as I did last time.

Body: At my first appointment, I was about 4 lbs less than at my initial appointment for my first pregnancy. At my 12-week appointment, I had gained 2 lbs–with pregnancy #1 I actually lost one pound during the first trimester due to the severe nausea (a reminder that while this time around certainly is no ballgame, it’s not as bad as last time). My waist started feeling thicker around week 8, with just a little hint of a bump in my lower abdomen, as seen in the above pictures. I’ve only recently noticed growth in my boobs–probably because Scarlett just stopped nursing altogether last week (coincidentally the day we found out we were having a boy!)

Skin/Hair: In the first trimester I would say that my skin looked worse than usual, with some very minor breakouts here and there (my skin has always been pretty clear). As for my hair, I finally got a MUCH needed haircut when I was around 13 weeks so it’s looking a whole lot better these days–but as far as length/thickness, I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet.

Weird Symptoms: Spitting!! I read that this has to do with nausea, but I constantly have the urge to spit, especially when I’m feeling particularly queasy (same with pregnancy #1). And ok, this may sound very strange, but my face sweats when I eat certain types of cheeses–especially feta, goat, and sometimes cottage cheese? So strange. My face also feels weird when I splash hot water on it in the shower, kind of like a numbness (I experienced this last time too). I just recently started getting sharp stabbing pains in my feet like I did last time, too.

Exercise: During my most nauseous weeks, I kept my workouts to around 30 minutes and stuck to walk/run workouts on the treadmill (1 min walk, 1 min run), HIIT workouts such as Les Mills GRIT Strength, and Tracy Anderson mat workouts + 20 min of light cardio (these workouts were a bit longer so only did on days I wasn’t feeling too bad). I also took two rest days most weeks instead of just one day off like I did pre-pregnancy.

Baby Prep: Right now we’re really working on trying to find a name (why are boy names so hard?!) With Scarlett, I knew her name from the moment we found out she was a girl, and never wavered in my decision once. This time around is a bit different as I can’t seem to find any boy names that I like…help! Other than that, we haven’t bought anything yet for baby boy and I haven’t started planning his nursery, but I plan to start doing that this week.

Days Until Due Date: 161(ish)

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