Times they are a-changin’

Long time, no speak, eh? A LOT has changed since the last time we spoke, namely:

The birth of one Miss Scarlett Rose (who is now almost 4 months!)


And my decision to leave my job as a second grade teacher to be a full time mommy. 


While I absolutely loved my job and was heartbroken to leave such a great school and staff behind, I just couldn’t picture going back to work working for our family. My long commute and finishing up my graduate degrees were just some of the big factors in my decision. 

photo 3

And let’s face it, I had trouble leaving Bud when he was a puppy, and a baby is a whole other level of mommy separation anxiety.

Buddy bonding with the bump

I had planned on going back to work, but in all honesty I knew that it was definitely a possibility that I would change my mind once I saw that little face for the first time. 

Well, as it turned out that face got me. It got me good.


It’s funny because I had always pictured myself staying home with my kids, as my mom did, but then again I had never imagined that I would have a job that, while incredibly stressful and draining at times, brought me so much joy and fulfillment every single day.

 photo 3 

There’s nothing quite like being greeted with a big hug or a breathless “Hi, Mrs. Allsup!” from a smiling student, or seeing the joy in a child’s eyes when they achieve something that was difficult for them, or laughing at the inventive insights of the 7-year-old mind. 


I know I’m incredibly lucky to even have had the option to stay home, as I know many new mamas do not have a choice on whether or not to go back to work. 

But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad, and still somewhat in shock, that I wasn’t starting another school year with a brand new group of kiddos a few weeks ago.


However, I know I will eventually return to teaching and I am excited about what the future holds for my career. And in the meantime, I’m still going to sub at the school I taught at so I can still get my fix every once in awhile!

But right now my full time job is loving on this little one, and I must say it’s my dream job:)


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