The Second Trimester: Weeks 21-25

Today marks my 29th week, but let’s back up a bit to weeks 21-25!

The Bump Progression

weeks21-25 collage

Weekly Highlights

Week 21: As you can see, I was still wearing my nausea wristbands. On the plus side, I was finally starting to show more.

Week 22: This was when my bump first appeared noticeable from the front! (I also noticed that this dress kind of resembles a killer whale). During this week we also had a follow-up ultrasound to the one I had at 18 weeks. The reason for the follow-up was because they didn’t have clear enough images of the baby’s heart from the previous ultrasound, and also a choroid plexus cyst was spotted on her little brain–something the nurse assured me was very common but of course I still freaked out a bit:) Anyway, at the follow-up they were able to get all the images they needed and the doctor said everything looked great, AND that the cyst had disappeared–HOORAY!:-):-):-)

During my 22nd week we also had my sister’s baby shower. She is 9 weeks ahead of me, so she was 31 weeks at the time (we’re currently waiting for my sweet little nephew to arrive any day now and I can barely contain my excitement!!) Whew, this is a big year for me–not only am I going to be a first-time aunt, but also a first-time mom just a few months later:-)



Week 23: It was back to work after a nice, relaxing winter break and it definitely took some adjusting back to waking up super early. Hey, I’ve been enjoying being able to sleep in while I still can;)

Week 24: The baby started becoming VERY active around this week, which I absolutely loved! Feeling her jumping and jiving all the livelong day really makes it so much more real that I am actually growing a baby in my belly:-)

Week 25: Could it be?? Has the constant nausea FINALLY passed at long last?? This was an exciting week because I realized I was not needing to wear my wristbands anymore and that most of the time I was nausea-free! While it still creeps up occasionally, it is no longer an all-day, all-night thing and it is glorious!

Stay tuned for weeks 26-28 very soon!


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