The Second Trimester: Weeks 18-20

Yesterday I had my 22 week doctor’s appointment, plus a follow-up ultrasound to the one I got at 18.5 weeks. The reason for the follow-up was because due to the baby’s positioning during the previous ultrasound, they were unable to get clear pictures of her heart. However, we did manage to get some extremely cute ones:


I can’t get over her adorable little profile with that tiny little nose:)


Future Olympic distance runner?


Oh hey, mom and dad!

Another reason for the follow-up yesterday was because a choroid plexus cyst was spotted on the baby’s brain during the initial ultrasound, which they assured me was very common and nothing to worry about…easier said than done, right?? However, after a little research and taking into account that they didn’t schedule the follow-up until 5 weeks later (I figured if it was something serious they would have me come back right away) helped assure me that everything was most likely okay. And guess what? It is!! After the ultrasound yesterday, the cyst had disappeared (which they usually do) and everything else looked great! 🙂

Now let’s rewind a bit to weeks 18-20…


Week 18 was exciting because that’s when we found out we are having a baby girl!


We had the ultrasound on a Thursday and had the technician put the gender pic in an envelope which I dropped off at a bakery on my way home (I had to take it because I didn’t trust Justin not to peek!). The next day Justin picked up the cupcakes and we had my parents and sister over for dinner that night, followed by an extra special dessert.


We Skyped with my brother and my sister and her husband so they could join in on the big reveal!


It was a little anticlimactic because Justin saw a pink dot on the bottom of the cupcake when he removed it from the wrapper, and then I saw the little pink dot on the wrapper–it was still one of the most exciting moments of my life!!! For some reason, I was really thinking the baby was a boy that week leading up to the reveal, so it felt like a big surprise! It was like Christmas morning as a kid again, x a billion:)



Needless to say, week 18 was pretty great:)


It was during week 19 when I woke up one morning to discover that suddenly my pants didn’t fit. Hair-tie trick to the rescue!! I am also discovering that leggings=the best thing ever when you’re pregnant.


And of course, hitting the 20-week mark was very special to me because it meant I was officially halfway to meeting our baby girl:) While I won’t lie and say that it flew by (constant nausea has a way of slowing down time;), I still can’t believe that I’m already to this point, and I also can’t believe that it’s possible to get even more excited for her arrival every single day.

Oh, and week 20 brought about my first encounter with maternity pants. “Embrace the elastic” proclaimed one of my co-workers, so embrace I did and bought a pair of maternity corduroys from Loft. My question is, why aren’t regular pants this comfortable?! It may be hard transitioning back…


Other Pregnancy Updates

Cravings: Kalamata olives and orange juice are still the two big ones. I absolutely have to drink a glass of orange juice every night after dinner for some reason.

Aversions: Thankfully my dog-nose has calmed down a bit and I no longer gag at the everyday smells of the world around me, and that also means my food aversions are not as strong as they were. I still don’t care for sweets (although I do eat them occasionally, I just don’t really enjoy them), also garlic and onions.

Sleep: Still going A-OK! I go to bed earlier and naturally wake up earlier than I used to, which isn’t a bad thing! I’m hoping this continues and that I don’t have to deal with the pregnancy insomnia I have heard about…

Nausea: Still always have it to some degree, but much, much, more bearable than it was earlier on in the pregnancy.

Body: Most days I feel really good, but there are some days where I feel heavy and sluggish–I guess a little preview of what’s to come in the 3rd tri:) Some other body “issues” include: some itchiness here and there, stuffy nose, frequent need to pee (and becomes unbearable if I try to ignore it–especially when I’m walking Buddy at the park where the bathrooms have been shut down for the winter:-/), higher body temp than usual, extreme chapped lips, and the girls continue to grow each week it seems.

Workouts: Going really well! I am able to get in some form of workout 5-6 days per week. Favorites include: run/walk intervals on the treadmill, BodyPump, Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, Zumba, and of course taking Bud for walks. Still have yet to practice yoga during this pregnancy…going on my to-do list as we speak!

Be back soon with a recap of the next few weeks!


2 thoughts on “The Second Trimester: Weeks 18-20

  1. How exciting! Congrats! And that cupcake thing is funny about the “anticlimactic reveal”…sounds like something that would totally happen to me! Going all out to make it a special moment, and then whoops! Sounds like it was still a pretty special moment for you. So fun to hear someone going through this journey. 🙂

    • Thanks, Amanda! It just figures that would happen, right? It was pretty funny though, and really whether it be cupcake or just pink dot, it didn’t change how exciting it was! 😉

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