As mentioned in my previous post, the girls have undergone some, ahem, changes since becoming pregnant.

9 weeks



13 weeks


(P.S. I’m 17.5 weeks now and they just continue to grow, where they stop nobody knows…but I’m kinda hoping it is sooner rather than later.)


About a month ago, my current bras (all 2 of them–give me a break, it’s hard for me to find bras I like, and my favorite bra from Bali was discontinued 2 years ago(plus bra shopping is the worst)) became too small and very uncomfortable. When I would take them off at the end of a long work day to change into one of my “at home bras” my boobs would be extremely sore from being smashed into a too small bra all day…not a pleasant feeling. I knew I would soon have to endure the dreaded bra shopping experience, but then one fateful day…

Enter True & Co.


One day while mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed (as one inevitably does, damn you, FB), I came across an ad that one of my friends had “liked” for True&Co, a company claiming that after answering a few simple questions they can find the right bra for you. Not only that, but you could pick up to 5 recommended bras for them to ship to you for free, try on at home, keep what works, and return what doesn’t within 5 days no charge.

Sounded too good to be true, especially since I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to bras, but since “true” is actually the name of the company, I decided to give it a try. After answering the survey questions, they recommended a variety of bras based on my unique shape which according to them is known as “vermillion”, whatever that means.


The bras they recommended were actual a cup size bigger (same band size) than my current bras, which I thought was probably accurate considering my cups runneth over in my current bras. I had no problem choosing five styles that I liked, and three days later my bra box arrived:


I was excited and nervous to try them on. Excited at the prospect of having found a way to avoid bra shopping at the mall indefinitely, and nervous that it would be a total bust (no pun intended) and I would have to muddle through traditional bra shopping after all.

The verdict?

I’m a believer! I ended up really liking three out of the five, and ultimately decided to keep two–major score in my book. Plus, the total for the two bras was $65, so about $30 per bra–not too shabby!

This Made of Stars bra is my  new everyday bra that I wear to work and when I go out. I bought it in a charcoal color and will probably eventually buy the black too.

The Unlined Triangle bra is my new “at home” bra which isn’t necessarily that attractive (although it is more attractive than some of my current at home only bras;) but it is definitely comfortable!image

I have been wearing my new bras exclusively ever since, and my boobs no longer feel like they are going to fall off or spontaneously combust by the end of the day. Plus, for the first time in my life I’m actually excited about bra shopping! If you are in a similar situation where your current bras are uncomfortable, or you just really loathe bra shopping at the mall like I do, I HIGHLY recommend giving True&Co a try!


8 thoughts on “Bra-lala-lala-la-la-la-la

  1. Omg I need to get some kinda custom bra happenin’ on with my IBTC going on. Nothing ever fits – bras are always too big in the “top” of the cup no matter how often I get sized by differnet people in VS, and other specialty bra stores. Maybe when I get pregnant everything will change for the better lol.

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