The First Trimester

So here I am in my 17th week of pregnancy, and I’m just now writing about my first trimester…can we say procrastinator? Anyway, here is a recap of the highlights (and lowlights) of my first 13 weeks.

August 30th, 2013: It was Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend that I found out there was a little nugget in the tum. I went to take my usual Saturday morning double-header at the gym (BodyCombat & BodyPump) and I noticed I felt a little off—I was very lethargic, my balance was off, and I was panting like an out of shape elderly person. I had a feeling there was something up because my most special monthly friend was also five days late in making its arrival…so after stopping at Starbucks for my usual triple grande soy latte, I also made a stop at Target for a triple grande pregnancy test (the digital kind because words are more comforting to me than pink or blue little lines). I took it immediately when I got home, and sure enough:


The insert that came with the test said that the numbers displayed on the test means estimated weeks since ovulation, and 2-3 weeks since ovulation translated to an estimated 4-5 weeks pregnant. What?! I had been pregnant for an entire month already?? I always thought that when it happened I would know right away, like I would feel totally different…however, besides feeling a little “off” at the gym that morning I felt normal, if not better, than usual (little did I know that this would not last…) I couldn’t believe how calm I was when I saw those words pop up–it was almost like I had known all along, even though I didn’t feel any different.

Telling the Hubs: I wish I had some cute, creative story to tell about how I broke the news to Justin, but I was just too excited and had to tell him because I knew he would be completely surprised. He was taking a shower when I took the test, so I waited until the shower went off and I knocked on the bathroom door. When he opened the door I just held up the test screen and it took him awhile to process what he was looking at–he was totally caught off guard, poor guy, haha! When he came to his senses all he could say was “What?! How did you…when did you…what?!!” To say he was in shock was an understatement, but there was also not a shadow of a doubt that he was also incredibly happy and excited:-)

Telling the Parents: That night we met my parents at an Indian restaurant in the Central West End called Rasoi. While a lot of people choose to wait before telling family, we decided to tell our immediate family members right away. I wanted to do something a little more creative to tell my parents (since I had failed with Justin) so I had Justin make one of his famous cards (like the one seen in this post )


Front of card (a pic we had taken of Buddy’s rear sticking out from under the bed)


Inside of card (courtesy of Justin’s advanced Photoshop skills;)

I told my parents it was a belated Anniversary card (their anniversary was a few weeks earlier), and it was so funny because my mom read it first and when she opened it I could see her face slowly change to a slightly confused look as she processed what she was looking at, to a moment of shock, and then to complete excitement and happiness as she started freaking out and crying in the middle of the restaurant and came around the table to hug me, while my poor dad fumbled with the card to find out what in God’s green Earth had just happened, haha! His face went through the same stages as my mom, minus the crying and shouting. The other restaurant goers were a bit bewildered, but none of us much cared in that moment:-)

We called Justin’s parents (who live in Florida) on the way home from dinner with my parents and they were both over the moon to hear the news as well. I waited until the following day to call each of my siblings individually, and it made me happy to hear how excited they all were for us (my sister Jessica is also pregnant so she was just beside herself–so thankful to go through this experience with my sissy:):)

Bump Progression

My bump is taking awhile to make an appearance, even now at 17 weeks, but here are a few “bump” pics from the first trimester.

9 weeks


10 weeks


12 weeks


13 weeks


Like I said, not much going on bump-wise in the first trimester, but that doesn’t mean my body hasn’t gone through some other major changes.

Morning Sickness (aka as the 3-month long stomach flu): Is no joke. There I was skipping along during my first 6 weeks of pregnancy, bragging to Justin that I felt stronger and more energized than ever before, and then BAM! Between 6.5-7 weeks I was knocked$$. by constant, all-day, agonizing, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, nausea. *Note the SeaBands on my wrists in all the above pictures (acupressure bands to help with nausea).

Suddenly, my nose had transformed into that of a canine and could not stand the smell of pretty much anything, especially personal hygiene items. I made Justin change his deodorant 3 times, and have changed body washed 5 times, finally settling on fragrance-free Dove bar soap (which dries up my already dry skin, but for now that beats gagging in the shower). Mint toothpaste made me gag every time I brushed my teeth (and sometimes I would actually throw up, tmi I know!) and eventually switched to kid’s bubblegum flavor toothpaste.


Cravings: Forget pregnancy cravings, instead I was on a constant search of foods that didn’t immediately make me want to heave at the sight/smell of them. For weeks, I survived on peanut butter (either by itself or spread on a piece of toast), granny smith apples (the sourer the better), string cheese, egg sandwiches, and orange juice (also see the aversions section) during the day, and then forced myself to eat a mostly normal dinner (forced being key–I didn’t actually enjoy anything I ate until very recently).

Aversions: Pretty much everything, but my strongest aversions were: onions, garlic, pepper, spicy food, chocolate (my heart weeps), coffee (thankfully this aversion has since passed), anything sweet including most fruit, and eventually string cheese, eggs, and orange juice after I lived on them for a few weeks.

photo 1

photo 4

Workouts: My workouts definitely changed during the first trimester when I was battling constant, intense nausea. I had to stop taking classes at the gym around the time I was 8 weeks because I just couldn’t handle anything too intense or longer than 30-40 minutes or I would get sick. Therefore I stuck to moderate treadmill workouts, Jillian Michaels 30-min HIIT workouts, BodyPump at home via YouTube once a week with lighter weights than normal, and a little Zumba here and there (also via YouTube).


Body: While there wasn’t much of a bump at all during the first trimester, I definitely noticed some other lovely bodily changes, such as:

  • Bigger boobs (and sore most of the time–this was one of the first indicators that I was indeed pregnant)
  • Longer, thicker hair–score!


  • While no bump, some definite thickening of the waist. My pants still fit but are a bit tighter, especially after eating (see next bullet)


  • A more pronounced “food baby” after eating–I think it’s because the food has nowhere to go now and I can’t suck that after-dinner gut in anymore, it just kind of hangs out:)
  • Growing pains: I definitely notice some sharp stabbing pains and “stretching” sensation in my lower abdomen at times
  • I’m always out of breath for some reason
  • My nose is always stuffed up
  • I always feel the urge to hiccup or burp
  • Exhaustion–I would often go to bed as early as 8-8:30
  • My heart has grown three sizes at least–I couldn’t be happier!

Even with the less than desirable symptoms that can come along with pregnancy, I would gladly go through it all again for the end result:)


3 thoughts on “The First Trimester

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  2. Congratulations! 🙂 It’s fun to hear about someone else going through this…because it’s not too far off for me. Random aside…I’ve been considering the Body Pump workouts. I don’t know a whole lot about them. Have you had to modify them much or think you will have to?

    • Hi Amanda! Thank you:) So far I haven’t had to modify my BodyPump workouts too much, other than not going up from my current weight selection and even going lighter at times depending on how I’m feeling, and also skipping the ab track.

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