It’s 10am, do you know where your chickens are?

Hi guys! Happy Saturday!

Whew! Once again it’s been quite some time since I last checked in with ya’ll…still trying to figure out how to balance teaching (and all the stuff that goes along with it!), getting my Masters, maintaining a regular workout schedule, and keeping up with the blog. If anyone has any good pointers, please send them my way, kthanx:-):-)

And now, here are some random musings of mine for your viewing pleasure (or possibly displeasure, but hopefully not uncomfortably so) :

My classroom always looks bare to me at the beginning of the school year, since my students and I build the classroom together and put up things as we learn them. For example, the writing bulleting board with just the headings “punctuation” and “parts of speech” is not blank because I have forgotten Standard English principles, but rather because we will add to it as we learn these things.

photo 2

photo 3

When getting ready at 6 in the morning, I just have to hope for the best with how my hair turns out each day.

photo 1

I’ve been trying to put more effort into making my lunch this year instead of bringing the same old thing every day.  I am loving salads in a jar because you can layer in a bunch of delicious & nutritious ingredients, and the best part is you can make up to 5 jars for the week and be done with it!

photo 3

It isn’t unusual for there to be chickens roaming around the staff parking lot or outside my classroom window. One of our student’s family lives next door to the school and they have three chickens. These chickens often get loose. Cue news anchor: It’s 10am, do you know where your chickens are?

photo 4

Friday is a great day of the week for obvious reasons, but also because my monthly Stitch Fix always arrives on a Friday. Buddy even gets excited about this.


Here are some scores from a recent Fix:


I love the bicycle pattern on this  Fun2Fun top–I would have never thought to buy this on my own.


I adore this mixed-media jacket! It’s relatively light so it will be perfect for fall.

Even though not every Fix is a win, and most of the time I only end up keeping one or two things, I love the excitement of receiving that “mystery box” every month. It’s the little things that make life fun:-)

Speaking of little things, is this Charlie Chaplin pup not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?

photo 5

Eeeeee!!!! I can’t even.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


2 thoughts on “It’s 10am, do you know where your chickens are?

  1. I randomly stumbled upon your blog, and I had to tell you that you re-inspired to do salads in a jar again. I somehow stopped doing that along the way. Thanks for that! 🙂 And you’re right, that pup is adorable!

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