I think the title of this post pretty much sums up my personal life right now.

The last few weeks have been crazy busy gearing up for and beginning another school year, and taking care of Justin who had surgery on his hip a week ago.

I really miss blogging regularly, and hopefully I will get back there soon! In the meantime, here are some snapshots from my life lately:


Setting up my classroom, which included putting up a night sky wall next to my day sky wall, and random art projects like painting one of my book shelves. Because these are the things I do instead of becoming more organized.

photo 1

I have also been trying to get readjusted to waking up at 5:30am everyday. Please note coffee-scalded arm.

photo 2

And trying to stay Zen instead of maniacal when sitting in traffic for 2 hours each day. The guy in front of me may be punching the air in rage, but I instead take deep breaths and listen to Enya (not really, but maybe that would help)

photo 3

Birthday cake #1 for Justin’s bday on the 10th. It looks pretty, but it was a little less m-word than I like. It’s been kind of a long time (for me) since I’ve baked and I somehow forgot that our oven runs on the hot side and baked goods are usually done a few minutes earlier than the recommended baking time. This did not stop us from finishing every last crumb.

photo 3

Birthday cake #2 one week later for my brother Max. It was basically the same cake as Justin’s (dark chocolate cake & frosting) but he requested caramel between the layers, so I made a delicious salted caramel that took this cake to another level. Justin was annoyed that my brother’s cake turned out better than his. Sorry, J!

photo 4

Baking two cakes in two weeks is both labor-intensive and messy.

photo 5

Speaking of messy, we were out of dishwasher detergent for 2 days, one of those days being the day I baked cake #2. Therefore, it took me all week to break even on the dishes (meaning no dishes left in the sink after I filled the dishwasher). Dishes are the worst!

photo 2

Speaking of doing the dishes, since Justin is on crutches I’m pretty much single-handedly running the household which is usually not the case, especially during times when I’m busy with school, such as the beginning of the school year (aka now). We have always split the lovely household duties (aka Justin does all the things I don’t want to do like dishes and cleaning the bathroom) so this experience has been quite the eye-opener. But don’t feel too sorry for me, as I am still refusing to clean the bathrooms;)

In addition to household chores, any extra time I have has been dedicated to other adult (read: not ideal) tasks such as taking my boy to the vet.

photo 1Bud’s been having some skin & coat issues so we went to the vet to make sure he didn’t have anything serious going on. I was happy to find out he didn’t have anything like mites or fleas, but instead most likely just has sensitive skin that is easily irritated by environmental allergens such as grass and ragweed. He is also most likely allergic to flea bites (he’s been getting little bumps that scab over). The vet gave him some steroids to reduce his skin inflammation, as well as some medicated shampoo and leave-in treatment for his dry, flaky skin.

photo 4He also had a blood test to make sure nothing else is going on since he has had some hair loss recently as well. I want to make sure that my favorite boy is a healthy boy!

photo 5

And last but certainly not least, aside from dishes, traffic, being a dog mom, and nursing J back to health, most of my time these days has been dedicated to 19 seven-year-olds. It’s really hard work, but there is just nothing better:-) 

Have a great week!




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