Wedding Recap: The Reception

We’re married! Cheers!

kristen justin 1061

This picture makes me laugh because right before it was taken we realized we forgot the cash donation we were supposed to give to the pastor for officiating the ceremony up in our hotel room, and you can kind of see that “oh sh*t” look on our faces, haha! Luckily my brother Max ran and got it before the pastor left–thanks again, bro!

While it had been an easy decision to get married in Italy, it was a difficult decision to know that many close family and friends would not be there. Even though Justin’s parents were unable to make it, I was so thankful that my parents, sister, brother, brother-in-law, and uncle were able to be with us on the best day of our lives.

kristen justin 1097

If you’re wondering what I’m looking at in the below picture, it was just me rolling my eyes at my dad who kept saying random words instead of the socially accepted “cheese” before each picture.

kristen justin 1100

All of our guests “admiring” us as we kiss, although I’m pretty sure my brother was trying not to spew.

kristen justin 1118

Before dinner, our photographer stole us away one more time to take a few pictures around Hotel Caruso.

kristen justin 1156

kristen justin 1165

And of course, Justin insisted that we get some pictures by the hotel’s infinity pool. After all, it was what had first caught his eye when we were looking for places to get married in Italy. We really do owe this pool a lot:)

kristen justin 1205

kristen justin 1212

kristen justin 1185

Then it was back to the garden where a table had been set up for dinner in the same spot we were married less than an hour before.

kristen justin 1103

We’re the Beatles! This picture makes me happy because it reminds me of Abbey Road.

kristen justin 1268

Dinner is served! Being that we were in Italy, dinner naturally consisted of traditional Italian fare including various pasta dishes, seafood, artisanal cheeses, and seasonal fruit–delizioso!

kristen justin 1301

Not a bad view, eh? I had to keep pinching myself to convince myself that it was real. I found myself doing that the entire day actually, reminding myself to truly be in the moment and savor all the amazing things about that day.

kristen justin 1306

A little after-dinner entertainment.

kristen justin 1317

Then it was time for a very important matter that I had been looking forward to all day.

kristen justin 1356

I always, always look forward to cake, but this being my wedding cake made it that much more exciting. Whoever first thought to celebrate getting married with cake is truly an uncelebrated hero.

kristen justin 1365

The cake was literally the frosting on top of a perfect day.

kristen justin 1381

Everything about the day was like a dream. It went by entirely too fast as the best things in life tend to do, but I am so thankful to be able to look back on this day and remember what it felt like to feel nothing but pure happiness, contentment, and love.


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