Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

I had been having so much fun taking pictures, that when the photographer looked at the time and said we should be heading back to the hotel, it dawned on me that oh yeah, there’s still that little matter of GETTING MARRIED to take care of.

Even after my mom put my veil on, it still didn’t quite seem real somehow.

kristen justin 0811

It wasn’t until I heard the violins playing in the distance and my dad was suddenly walking me down the steps to the garden that it really started to hit home that I was about to get married.

kristen justin 0849

kristen justin 0847

I remember that my heart was pounding and I had some gigantic butterflies going crazy in my stomach, but somehow I was able to achieve my goal of not falling or crying.

kristen justin 0825

kristen justin 0858

kristen justin 0831

And I’ll admit, it was really hard not to start bawling like a baby when my dad gave me away. Daddy’s girl for life:-)

kristen justin 0834

We were pretty excited:)

kristen justin 0875

Trying hard to concentrate.

kristen justin 0903

I mean, it was hard not to be distracted by the gorgeous views of the Amalfi Coast right behind the pastor.

kristen justin 0962

kristen justin 0869

Saying our vows

…which was actually challenging at times due to the language barrier. When the pastor said to repeat after him “I will honor you” it sounded like he was saying “I will yearn for you” and not one but both of us got tripped up on this part. Maybe we should have practiced beforehand:)

kristen justin 1014

Exchanging wedding rings

kristen justin 0968

kristen justin 0959

Lighting the unity candle

kristen justin 0990

You may now kiss the bride!

kristen justin 1018

And finally, signing our marriage license–it’s official!

kristen justin 1032

kristen justin 1036

The pastor who made it possible (and who kind of looks like an older Italian George Constanza, no?)

kristen justin 1051

 It definitely felt real now. And you know what? It felt pretty darn good!



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