Wedding Recap: First Look

So, where did I leave off? Oh yes, I was all primped and pampered and on my way to see my groom for the first time…

kristen justin 0247

I remember feeling perfectly calm until I was walking towards him with his back turned, and then I started getting a little nervous and having some irrational thoughts such as: What if he doesn’t like my dress? What if he thinks this flower in my hair looks silly? Is he having second thoughts?? What if I fall on my face?!

kristen justin 0272

But when he turned around and looked at me, I knew everything was right in the world.

kristen justin 0270

kristen justin 0276

kristen justin 0631

Soon after this sweet reunion, we were whisked away by the photographers for some pre-ceremony photos. When we met with our photographer a few days prior, she had asked us what we wanted most from our wedding photos. Both Justin and I agreed that we wanted to somehow capture the beauty and culture of this unbelievable place we were in. We wanted to be able to look at our wedding pictures and remember what it looked like and felt like to be there, and what it was that made Ravello such a special place.

Leaving Hotel Caruso…

kristen justin 0291

Strolling though the cobblestone streets….(which takes skill when you’re in heels!) My sister kept joking that if she would have known she would be in the pre-wedding pictures, she wouldn’t have dressed like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, haha:)

kristen justin 0297

kristen justin 0748

We had originally planned to go to the gardens at Villa Cimbrone for pictures, but it was about an hour’s walk there and back. Luckily, Ravello is also home to the 13th century Villa Rufolo, which was much closer and also known for its beautiful gardens. From the ancient stone structures, gorgeous gardens, and breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, I think we made a good choice!

kristen justin 0454

kristen justin 0491

kristen justin 0514

kristen justin 0547

kristen justin 0700

kristen justin 0713

kristen justin 0538

kristen justin 0641

kristen justin 0666

Then before I knew it, we were heading back to the hotel for the main event…

kristen justin 0787

Stay tuned for a recap of the ceremony and reception!


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