Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

After exploring and enjoying Italy for the past 4 days, I woke up on the morning of June 11, 2012 and suddenly remembered that I wasn’t just there to sightsee and eat pizza and gelato. I was getting married today!!!

kristen justin 0853

The day started off with breakfast and coffee with my sister–after all, we were staying above a coffee/pastry shop–in the inn’s little garden. Then my sister left to go back to the villa to get ready and then she would meet me at Hotel Caruso’s spa where I would be getting my hair and makeup done.

I had had a makeup and hair trial the day before (which I requested) as I had no idea what to expect from the hotel’s spa. While my hair and makeup didn’t look exactly as I had imagined or really anything like the pictures I had shown the stylists, I was still pleased with how both turned out in the end.

Having a small wedding overseas meant that the whole “getting ready” process was pretty laid-back. It was just me, my sister, the stylists, and the photographers. There are no pictures of Justin getting ready because he thought it would be awkward to have the photographers taking pictures of him getting dressed alone in a hotel room, haha! Nonetheless, here are a few pictures of me getting ready for the big day.

Getting perfectly coiffed:

kristen justin 0103

kristen justin 0104

A few last minute touches…

kristen justin 0134

Time to get dressed!

kristen justin 0110

That sash was a lot trickier to tie than you would think! Note my sister’s wtf face.

kristen justin 0222

kristen justin 0206

Jessica helping me put on my pearl earrings–my “something new” from my sister Lindsey.

kristen justin 0212

All ready!

kristen justin 0226

kristen justin 0247

And on my way to see my groom…

kristen justin 0264

Stay tuned for the recap of our wedding day!

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