Silicon Valley

On Day 2 of our Cali adventures, I started the morning with a quick run through a nearby neighborhood before we set out to explore the Silicon Valley area for the day.

First up was brunch at Mayfield Bakery & Café in Palo Alto.

They had delicious salads and sourdough bread, but most notably they had this:

photo 1

The consensus is that lattes should always, always be served in a bowl. It just felt correct.

After lunch we headed out to visit the brother-in-law at his place of employment. Can you guess where we are from the below pic? Hint: Notice the colors of the lawn chairs.

photo 5

Did you guess?? Here’s another not-so-subtle hint:

photo 5

Oh ya know, just hanging out at Google Headquarters, NBD.

photo 2

The BIL gave us a tour of the area he was working in that day. Keep in mind that Google HQ is GIGANTIC and we only saw what was in one building of its massive campus. In just this little area there were food trucks, a coffee shop, a couple restaurants (all free to employees and their guests), and also:

photo 4

a dance studio

photo 3

a rock climbing wall

photo 1

and a bowling alley.

Well I don’t know if you know this but teachers get buy one get one free at Chipotle during Teacher Appreciation week, so take that Google!

After our Google visit, we went to my sister’s condo for a bit so we could visit with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Franklin.

Love this furry guy:-)

Then before dinner, we switched over to stay at The Four Seasons in Palo Alto because it was closer to the San Jose airport where we would be flying out of tomorrow to go to San Diego, but mostly so I could lounge around in a fluffy white hotel robe.

photo 3

I was pumped for dinner because I was FINALLY going to try Indian food FOR THE FIRST TIME. I know, I know, what have I been doing with my life? Trust me when I say I have been wanting to try Indian food for years because I knew I would love it, but for some reason it just had never happened (there’s not too many Indian restaurants where I live, but I know that’s still no excuse).

When we got to the restaurant, I was a little concerned because my sister was the only one in the restaurant (which was actually pretty funny to walk in and see her sitting there awkwardly by herself;) My concern about the lack of people was soon replaced by the concern of how to possibly make a decision on what to order when everything sounded delicious.

Luckily we decided to order a feast and share it:

photo 5


photo 1

Chicken Tikka sizzler

photo 3

Chana Masala

photo 2

Baingan Bhartha

photo 4

Prawn Biryani

The verdict? Umm, yummm!!! I am now determined to find a good Indian restaurant in St. Louis.

Back at the hotel, Justin and I hung out in the hot tub a bit before calling it a night. We needed a good night’s sleep for all the great adventures yet to come.

Stay tuned for a recap of our adventures in San Diego!


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