Sweaty Saturday

Hi friends! Hope your Saturday is off to a fabulous start!

I’m having a great day so far, even though I had kind of a rough night last night because of the below ailment:


I know they don’t look that bad in this pic, but both of my arms are currently covered with about 10 chigger bites, which is pretty lame. What’s even lamer is that their itchiness woke me up twice during the night, even after applying anti-itch cream. Also, have you ever had a couple bug bites and then suddenly your entire body starts itching and feels like it’s crawling with insects? Fun times.

To take my mind off the itchiness this morning, I decided to make my body uncomfortable in a much more enjoyable manner by getting in a good workout at the gym.

Pre-workout fuel:


I had plans to take a BodyPump class, and while I waited for class to start I decided to do a little cardio warm-up on the treadmill. I completed 2 rounds of the following interval workout, which I named “Step Back…Forward Attack!” because each 1-min, 0.5mph decrease in speed is followed by a 1-min, 1.0 increase in speed.


After that “warm-up”, I very reluctantly went into the group exercise room to set up my BodyPump equipment. I was dragging my heels a bit through the warm-up track, but once we got to the squat track I was happy that I stayed (although tomorrow my hamstrings might be sad that I stayed). I didn’t take a picture during BodyPump, but I tried doing a reenactment for you:

liftThe determined facial expression that I tried to do here must be very motivational because even Buddy was stretching out his hamstrings to get in on the action.


On the way home from the gym on Saturday mornings, it is a personal tradition to always stop at my favorite coffee shop. This morning, the girl who works there asked me if I worked out every day (probably because I am always sweaty and dressed like the above pic when I come there). I said “Not everyday, but usually about 5 days a week” to which she replied “Wow, I’m proud of you!”. My first thought was “Proud enough to give me a discount?”

*wink wink*


But then it occurred to me that “I’m proud of you” was probably just code for “take a damn shower”.


Oh, well. It’s Saturday, can’t nobody bring me down!

Have a good one!


Tell me…

What are your plans for this weekend?

Any Saturday morning traditions?

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