Latelies (Week of 6/30-7/6)

Here are some random pics from lately for your viewing pleasure (and so I can delete them from my camera roll;)


Yes, going to the zoo with your parents is still acceptable awesome in your late 20s.


Animals make me ridiculously happy, especially elephants.

photo 1

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

And my favorite animal in the world:

photo 5

This just might be my favorite picture of Buddy ever. It makes me want to publish a cookbook of apple recipes just so I can put this picture on the front cover. We planted that apple tree about 4 years ago and for some reason it grew like crazy this year and has a ton of apples. Hmmm…if not a cookbook, I’m thinking a healthy apple crisp recipe is at least warranted here, am I right? 🙂

photo 1

I finally took my new mountain bike for a ride (I don’t have a bike rack so I just put it in the back of my car). I tried out a new trail (MCT Transit in IL) and rode about 17 miles.

I saw a lot of wildlife on my ride, including a lot of wild turkeys with their babies. Very cool!

Speaking of birds, how’s this for a duck face?

photo 2

No, I’m not sticking out my block-shaped tongue at you–this is me enjoying my first watermelon of the summer. Omgosh why did I wait so long to buy a watermelon this season!? Last year by this time I had probably already consumed about 14 melons…I really need to up my game.

photo 2

Sunday dinner: grilled halibut and veggies with homemade teriyaki and quinoa–recipe coming soon!


I bought this flax milk at the grocery store this weekend out of curiosity. I was expecting it to taste weird but it’s surprisingly good! It has a very mild flax flavor and was delicious in my iced coffee this morning. I also love that it has 1200mg of Omega 3s (find out the benefits of Omega 3s here!)

photo 2

I also tried Food for Life’s black rice tortillas for the first time. I used to buy the brown rice ones all the time, and I would say that the black rice ones are very comparable in both taste and texture. As with the brown rice tortillas, they aren’t very pliable and it took me a few tries to successfully make a breakfast burrito…


photo 1


After a few tries, success! As you can see, I couldn’t roll it into a true burrito, but I wasn’t too worried bout it. I tried heating the tortilla in both the oven and microwave and the microwave was more successful–the oven just made them harder and more breakable. However, 15 seconds or so in the microwave seemed to do the trick.

workout clothesI had a gift card to REI so I bought the above following workout gear (Moving Comfort tank, Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra, Anue Spree Capri) I LOVE how this sports bra fits and I have high hopes for its performance during a Combat class! The capris I also have in purple–I tend to buy things I like in multiple colors.


My chalkboard labels I bought on Etsy arrived in the mail! However, they didn’t come with chalk so I bought this chalk marker from Walmart:


Speaking of Walmart, I saw mason jar sets for only $10 in case you’re obsessed with them like me!

Oh yeah, check out this cute little bag that the chalkboard labels arrived in:


I will leave you with these words of wisdom;)

Enjoy your day!!






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