Wedding Recap: Exploring Scala and Ravello

So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, we had just left Naples and were making our twisty twirly way up the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast…

3 Days Before the Wedding

Feeling a bit nauseous from the winding roads on the way up, we finally arrived in the little town of Scala where we would be staying the three nights before the wedding.

For our first night we stayed in a little hotel called Hotel Margherita, which didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary from the front. However, when we opened the doors to our balcony, we were completely stunned.


What we were looking at across the ravine was actually the town of Ravello where we would be married, about a 5 minute drive from Scala.

Ravello 087

Ravello 085

Ravello 083

After we were able to tear ourselves away from the views from our balcony, we continued to enjoy them while eating lunch on the hotel’s restaurant terrace.

Then it was time to relax a bit at the hotel pool, while Justin played around with the settings on our new camera that we bought for the trip, as seen below.

Ravello 119

Ravello 128

Ravello 132

For dinner, we walked up to the little town square at the recommendation of our hotel concierge. It didn’t appear that anything was open, and the only people we saw was a group of men watching a soccer game on a tv outside a local pub. One of them asked if we needed help and when we said we were looking for somewhere to eat, he said he owned the restaurant next door and he would serve us. We were the only diners, which we came to learn isn’t unusual for a small town like Scala. Sadly, no pictures, but I remember it being delicious!

Two Days Before the Wedding

Early Saturday morning we were picked up by the owner of the villa where we would be staying with my family before the wedding.

No, this is not the villa. This is where we were dropped off with our massive amount of luggage (including my wedding dress in a garment bag), to walk the rest of the way to the villa on foot down, ahem, quite a few steps.

While the steps weren’t fun with a bunch of luggage, I actually came to love them during our stay—a great cardio workout and great way to work up a good appetite for delicious Italian food!

Some views from the villa:Ravello Day 2 007

Ravello Day 2 026

Ravello Day 2 008

Around noon we took a cab to Ravello to meet our wedding photographer, Joanne Dunn, in Ravello’s town square for coffee to discuss our vision for our wedding photos.

We loved Joanne immediately and I really appreciated the chance to sit down with her before the big day so that she could get to know us and get a sense of what we wanted for our photos. This definitely eased a lot of anxiety!

After coffee, we left to explore Ravello a bit and visit the hotel where we were getting married, Hotel Caruso, for the first time. It was definitely love at first sight!

A Wedding at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello

ravello and capri 005

One of the hotel staff gave us a tour of the hotel, including the gardens (where the ceremony and reception would be held), and what Justin had been waiting for all along, the pool. We were even treated to some of their complimentary lemonade at the pool café and it was out of this world as far as lemonade goes. As in I don’t even really care for lemonade yet I was talking about this stuff for weeks afterwards.

Hotel Caruso and villa 029After leaving the hotel super excited to get married there in just a few days, we went to another beautiful hotel down the street, Palazzo Sasso, to have lunch.

After lunch, we called a cab to take us back to our villa in Scala where my family would be arriving any minute! I was so happy to have my parents, my sister Jessica and her husband Greg, and my brother Max with us in such an amazing place!

Ravello Day 2 020

Ravello Day 2 018

I think they were glad to be there, too:)

Ravello Day 2 017

That night we took a cab back to Ravello for dinner to explore the town a little more and take pictures with bronze torsos.

Ravello Day 2 025

The restaurant we went to was excellent and we actually came another night while we were there. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t have an iPhone and I wasn’t blogging yet, so I failed at taking pictures of all the delicious things that were eaten on our trip:( Next time I will be prepared!!

One Day Before the Wedding

The day before the wedding was pretty relaxed and consisted of more exploration of Ravello and lunch again at Palazzo Sasso with my mom, sister, and uncle (who hiked all the way from the coast of Amalfi to meet us!). It suddenly occurred to me that afternoon that I shouldn’t stay with Justin the night before our wedding…

Luckily Joanne, our photographer, had mentioned that the little café where we got coffee in Ravello’s town square had a few rooms to rent above the café for a very reasonable price.

So my sister and I made the trip back to Ravello to rent the room for the night.

From the balcony you could see down into the town square, and that night there was a religious procession through the town–so cool! I wish I had snapped a pic! Jess and I stayed up late talking and laughing and spending quality sister time together the night before my big day, which is how I always pictured it would be:-)

I couldn’t believe that in less than 24 hours I would be a married woman!

kristen justin 0811

To be continued…


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