Three Things Thursday #3

Well hello! It’s Thursday, so how about another round of Three Things Thursday? (In case you missed them: Three Things #1, Three Things #2 )

Here’s what I’m digging lately:

Thing #1: Coconut Oil


Why I love it: Not only is it delicious, but coconut oil also has many uses and possible health benefits!

How I use it:

  • Oil Pulling: While you may have heard about this craze recently on social media, it is actually an ancient Aryuvedic practice for detoxing and rejuvenating the body. Benefits may include: fighting bad breath, improving dental health, clearing up your skin, decreasing colds and sinus issues, and strengthen your immune system. I do oil pulling a few times a week for about 20 minutes, and I have definitely noticed that my sinuses are clearer!
  • Moisturizer: When my skin is especially dry, there is nothing better than a little bit of coconut oil as an all-natural moisturizer. It also helps soothe sun-kissed skin after a long day at the beach or pool.
  • Eye Makeup Remover: Seriously, this stuff is the best at getting off that stubborn eyeliner! Plus it’s a natural moisturizer for the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Cooking: Unfortunately my other favorite oil, olive oil, starts decomposing under extreme heat, and the antioxidants that we usually love in olive oil are replaced by free radicals and other dangerous molecules. Coconut oil can withstand high heats better than other cooking oils, so it is a great choice when you need that high heat, such as  when grilling or making stir-fry.
  • Smoothies: Every once in awhile I like to add a little coconut oil to my smoothies for a tropical twist (frozen mango, banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, tbsp. of coconut oil is one of my favorites). It’s a great source of some healthy fats after a workout!
  • For more uses, check out this great article with 101 uses for coconut oil by Wellness Mama!

Health Benefits:

Thing #2: Mason Jars

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this about me but…I really like mason jars.

Mason Jar Collage

Why I love them: I have been drinking out of mason jars for as long as I can remember. Growing up my uncle would can vegetables from my grandpa’s garden, and my parents would wash and keep the jars afterwards. I always hated the “plastic taste” when drinking out of plastic cups, so I would always use the mason jars as drinking glasses.

When I first moved in with Justin and brought some of my masons along, he looked at me very questionably. However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that I am actually a genius and that mason jars are actually the best. Now we are stocked for life.


Here are some of the many reasons I love them:

  • Using glass containers instead of plastic for food and drink might be better for your health (here’s why)
  • Super affordable! Amazon has cases of 12 for about $20, but sometimes you can find them even cheaper at the store.
  • No weird taste added to your food and drinks, such as with plastic
  • They come with lids which makes them easily portable and good for food storage–Justin got me this lid to make it easier to drink on the go:

photo 5

  • They come in different sizes and are very versatile, for example:

photo 5

Small mason jars are great for snacks and portion control


Medium mason jars are great for smoothies and other beverages


I use large mason jars for food storage, drinking water, layered salads (pictured above), you name it!


And of course our huge mason jar water dispenser (on sale right now for $13.99 at World Market!!)

I mean, what’s not to love about a mason jar?


Thing #3: Forever 21


This is actually more of a love-hate relationship.

In fact, about a year ago I decided to quit Forever 21 in order to break the cycle. The cycle being that I would buy something from there because “I can’t believe these jeans are only $10” or “Wow, this shirt will be great for work!”, only to realize when I got home and tried them on again in a normal size room with proper lighting, that yes those jeans were $10 because one pant leg is shorter than the other, and that “great work shirt” is actually completely see-through. So I would return those items for store credit, search the store for the unavoidable 3 hours that it takes to find a shirt, somehow end up with 3 shirts, 2 pairs of leggings, and a dress, which I buy out of sheer exhaustion and desperation to get the heck outta that store, only to get home and realize, well you know the rest. Thus, the cycle.

As you can probably guess, I recently found myself in a moment of weakness (actually I think it was like 1am, so I was probably just delirious) browsing


Don’t get me wrong, even though there are definitely some things I would change about Forever 21:


  • only receive store credit for returns (no refunds) and must return items within 21 days of purchase
  • often takes FOREVER to look through their massive inventory
  • many items don’t hold up after a couple washes
  • at risk of getting into the cycle, as outlined above

There are also some things about it that I really love:


  • super affordable
  • tons of options to choose from–styles ranging from very trendy to more conservative
  • styles for many different age groups (not just 21-year-olds!)
  • there are definitely some hidden gems (sometimes they just take awhile to find!)

Some recent purchases:

photo 3 photo 2I love that this purse was less than $20! And see, right there is how they get me every. darn. time. Even Buddy is giving me that “Really?” look.

And these are the items that were in that above-pictured yellow bag on my doorstep today (I still have to try them on–fingers crossed!!):

f21dressAbstract Print Pleated Dress  $24.80


Bohemian Woven Maxi Dress $29.80


Embroidered Eyelet Blouse $22.80


Marled Knit Tank Dress $14.80


Art Deco Print Dress $24.80

So there you have it, I am back in the cycle.

You tell me…

What are 3 things you are loving?

Forever 21–love it, hate it, mix of both?


4 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #3

  1. I totally agree with you on Forever 21. The clothes look super cute in the store or online but most of the stuff doesn’t fit well or it isn’t made well. I always shop with someone when I go into that store to get a second opinion. I did find an awesome dress there that is work appropriate (even my mother said so lol)

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