Stairway to Heaven Treadmill Interval Workout

While I usually vary the type of workout I do from day-to-day, I always get in at least one or two good runs each week. Unfortunately I’m a baby when it comes to running in questionable weather conditions (i.e. extreme cold or heat/humidity) and living in the Midwest, I am often found completing these runs down in my basement dungeon on the treadmill, as seen below.

In my long history of treadmill running, I almost always do intervals–it makes treadmill running so much more entertaining in my opinion. I thought I would share one of my favorite interval workouts that I have been doing (in some form or another) for years.

I have named this workout the “Stairway to Heaven” because—you guessed it!—the speed and incline both continue to build (with 1-min recoveries in between each speed increase) until reaching a climax and then slowly coming back down again–only to be repeated (if you choose!).

100% sweat guaranteed (sorry no refunds;)


One of the reasons I love this workout, besides getting a good kick in the behind, is that you can easily modify it to fit your goals and/or fitness level. Here are some modifications I have done myself over the years:

Possible Modifications

↓ Take it down a notch

  • Change the 5mph recovery pace (easy jogging) that’s in between each minute of  faster running to a 4mph recovery pace (fast walking).
  • Keep the incline at 1-2% throughout the workout
  • Do just the 15 minutes as shown,  or only repeat once for a 30 minute workout

↑ Take it up a notch

  • Increase all speeds by 0.5-1mph (i.e. 5mph becomes 5.5mph or 6mph, etc)
  • Instead of decreasing the incline for the last 5 minutes, continue to increase by 1% when the speed changes
  • Repeat the sequence 3-4x for a 45-60 minute workout

Happy Sweating!



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