Anniversary Dinner

Wednesday was our second wedding anniversary, and what better gift than new running shoes AND a new mountain bike?!

photo 1 titanYes, I bought the above items for myself online last week, but it was so nice of UPS to deliver them on this special day;)

I was not, however, involved in the purchase of these beauties:


In celebration of our anniversary, Justin and I went to one of our favorite special occasion spots, Sidney Street Café.


In case you are ever in the St. Louis area and celebrating something special (or just want some awesome food) here’s a little background about the restaurant from their website:

Sidney Street Cafe is located in a century-old storefront building in St. Louis’s historic Benton Park neighborhood. Run by Chef/Owner Kevin Nashan along with his wife Mina and his brother Chris, the restaurant is proud to be a neighborhood staple while also serving as a special destination for diners from all over the world. The New American cuisine is inspired by a melting pot of influences including Kevin’s Spanish heritage, the New Mexican flavors of his childhood in Santa Fe, his love for Midwest and Southern ingredients, and his classic French training. The casually elegant dining room is highlighted by exposed brick walls, rich hardwood floors, and an antique bar where guests can enjoy cocktails, wine, and the restaurant’s complete dining experience.

I can’t believe it’s already been two years married to this guy!

photo 1

This was our second time at Sidney Street and it was even better than I remembered. The dishes they serve, while small, are so complex and unexpectedly flavorful that it is completely satisfying. This is the type of place where appetizers aren’t really optional–you must try a couple! All the starters sounded wonderful, but we eventually made the challenging decision and went with the fluke crudo and spring pea pierogi.

Disclaimer: My iPhone camera does not do the following food justice.

The first appetizer tasted like pretty phenomenal homemade ravioli and featured spring pea filled pierogi, kielbasa (I skipped that part), red sauerkraut, house mustard, and caramelized crème fraiche  (I know this picture is quite off-putting, but I assure you it looked and tasted wonderful in real life).

photo 5

The fluke crudo was the chef’s fancy-schmancy take on sushi and had kombu-cured  hamachi,  sorrel curd,  beet puree,  beet soil,  pickled beets,  beet marshmallow,  and fresh grated wasabi . Sounds weird I know (I mean, “beet marshmallow”, c’mon) but it spoke to my soul.

photo 4

Each entrée comes with a soup or salad, so I opted for the soup (one of my better life decisions) which was a chilled carrot soup with crème fraiche and fried garlic pieces on top. Heaven!

photo 2

It has been waayyy too long since I have had some good scallops so when I saw them on the menu, and that they were pistachio-crusted, it was pretty much a no-brainer.

photo 3

And then if all the above deliciousness wasn’t enough, they brought us out a brownie with ice cream (my favorite dessert) on the house in honor of our anniversary.

photo 4

Whether it be a birthday, completing your first 5K, or just getting the laundry done, cheers to whatever you are celebrating today!



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