Farm to Fork

Thursday night Justin and I went to a “Farm to Fork” tasting event at Three Sixty in downtown St. Louis. The tasting included seasonal cheeses, meats, produce, wines and beers from some favorite local purveyors.


This was my second time at Three Sixty, which is so named because it is located nearly 400 feet above downtown St. Louis atop the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, and offers great views of the city in all directions – hence the name – including a birds’ eye view right into Busch Stadium.


The first table we visited was by Baetje Farms, who specialize in pure artisan goat cheeses. Since goat cheese is my favorite cheese, it wasn’t a surprise that they had my favorite cheese of the night.


Their Bloomsdale goat cheese was my favorite. I learned that while it is not a true blue cheese it does develop some blue cheese flavor notes as it ages. I sound like a regular cheesepert now (cheese+expert)…No? Okay, moving on.

Another highlight was this local produce table that had one of the best caprese salads I’ve ever had. Tomatoes and basil are just meant to be together, ya know? And I don’t know about you, but of all the amazing summer produce, heirloom tomatoes are pretty high up on my list.


Justin enjoyed this meat table from Salume Beddu:

meat table

And I, needless to say, enjoyed sampling wine from some of the local wineries. One of my favorites was a Seyval Blanc from the Augusta Winery. Missouri is actually home to many great wineries, yet (sadly) I’ve only been to a few here and there. I’m hoping to try out a few more this summer!


I just had to get a picture with some of the cheese ladies! Oh and that my friends is the St. Louis Gateway Arch in the background. Besides Cardinals baseball, this national landmark is one of the things that we are best known for. I’ve been up in it once or twice and it was okay I guess.

photo 5

And one last picture with the cheese.

photo 1

Oh, and like a true St. Louisan, I had to finally visit Ballpark Village which just opened this spring. It is located right outside Busch Stadium and is the pride of all St. Louis Cardinal fans.


I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start!

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