Tuesday marked my last day of work for this school year, which means…it’s finally SUMMER!

Last summer was filled with travel:


Turks and Caicos


Sanibel Island, FL


Las Vegas

This summer, I don’t have any definite travel plans. I may take a trip to Chicago to visit my sister, Justin and I might go to California towards the end of July, and there’s a chance I’ll go to Florida with my parents. Like I said, nothing is set in stone but I’m fine with that! After a pretty crazy school year, I’m ready to just RELAX!

Top 10 things I’m looking forward to this summer:

1. Sleeping In

photo 1

I have realized that waking up at 5:30am isn’t something that one ever “gets used to”–or at least I haven’t been able to after 4 years. There is nothing better than letting your body naturally wake you when it’s ready…instead of some annoying phone alarm ditty (call them what you will, but even a tune by the name of “twinkle” or “silk” isn’t going to make that moment when your sleep was rudely interrupted any less horrifying).

2. Hiking

photo 2

On my first trip to AZ last year, I discovered an immense adoration for hiking. While it’s no AZ, Missouri actually has some pretty decent trails. Justin and I went to Castlewood Park a few weeks ago and we loved the trails there. We’re looking forward to discovering some other new hiking spots this summer!

3. Biking

I used to be really into taking cycling classes at the gym and riding my bike outdoors during the warmer months. However, I rarely ever take a cycling class anymore, and two years ago the chain on my bike broke and I never got around to buying a new one. I have decided that this summer I am going to FINALLY buy a new bike and also rekindle my love of the stationary one as well;)


4. Coffee Runs

For some reason, nothing says vacation to me like being able to go out for delicious, overpriced coffee at any time of the day that I please. I’ve admitted previously that this is a problem in my life.

coffee coffeepup

Even Buddy enjoys a Pup Cup every now and then.

5. Spending Time with Family & Friends

Nothing is better than having more time to spend with the people I love the most. I’m looking forward to some visits to the wineries, barbeques, dinner with friends, hanging out at the ‘rents, lunch dates, trips to the park/zoo/etc….the possibilities are delightfully endless.

dinnerclub DSCF0197

6. Grilling

Justin and I grill everything from pizza to stir-fry. It’s easy, the cleanup is a breeze, and it’s another great excuse to spend more time outside!


7. Long walks in the park with my favorite

There’s just something about starting the day with a long, peaceful walk surrounded by nothing but greenery and sunshine.

park park2

While it’s not officially on the top ten list, an honorable mention can be seen in the above picture, in which I have neglected to care about such things as brushing/styling/washing my hair or putting on reasonably attractive attire.

8. Summer Clothes

Some looks I’m loving for when I feel like putting in the effort (see above):

outfit outfit3 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAoutfit5

9. Summer Produce


Summer is my favorite time of the year to eat. All my favorite fruits and veggies are at their most flavorful, and there’s not much you need to do to them to make them delicious!

Justin and I also drink fruit-infused water like maniacs in the summer.


10. Just Being

The thing I love the very most about summer is getting the chance to just simply be. No deadlines, no hectic schedule, no stress. No looking ahead to the next task that needs to be done, the next deadline I have to meet, no waiting for the work week to get over already so I can enjoy the weekend.

The summer is a great time to slow down a little and remember to take the time to enjoy each day and not miss what is happening right now because I’m already thinking about what’s coming next. The summer gives me time to really regroup, recharge, and find peace so that I’m more than ready to handle whatever comes next. Buddy agrees.


Just Be.

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