I’m not entirely sure “latelies” is a word, but this post is a random jumble of what I’ve been up to lately so just go with it, mmkay?

Morning Buddy Time

photo 1

This is a weekend privilege for Buddy. I think he keeps a tally in his head of my 5 work days because he always seems to know when it’s Saturday and he can come up on the bed. Such a ham! (literally–he is actually quite porcine looking at times).

photo 4

Dog Sitting

We are dog sitting my parent’s dog, Bodhi this weekend. Buddy loves having his cousin over to play–as long as he still gets his full 10 hours of attention requirement each day, that is.

photo 5


Gorgeous weather=extra long walks at the park. Bodhi picked a good weekend to visit!


I planted my very first flowers this weekend! (Don’t judge…Justin is a natural green thumb so he usually takes care of the gardening)

phot 6

I also cleared out the bed behind our house to make room for some flowers. A few years ago we had a variety of herbs and veggies growing in it, but a long trip to Italy that summer caused it to become wild and overgrown.

That mint in the corner is what’s left of our herb garden–and let me tell ya, this stuff is relentless! Although I adore mint, it grows like wildfire and can quickly overtake a garden. I think I uprooted it all, but I have a feeling some will still manage to pop up somewhere in there.

photo 1

It took me about 5x as long as a normal person to clear the above bed because I had to save all the earthworms that I saw. After all, they do help enrich the soil with nutrients and naturally aerate it as they burrow. I learned this from the song “Earthworm” from my 2nd graders’ music concert, Creepy Creatures. Who’s teaching who, right?

photo 4 photo 5

Sorry if this pic creeps you out.

Drinking Coconuts

About 3 years ago, I was attempting to make a rather complicated smoothie I saw in an issue of Goop. 30 minutes and an avocado-smeared kitchen later, I realized that my hardship had been worth it because I discovered the magical young Thai coconut. I’m pretty sure coconut water from an actual coconut is the nectar of the gods.

Justin just got me this CocoDrill because “it makes him nervous that I almost cut off my hand” every time I use a knife to open coconuts.

photo 2

If you have never tried a drinking coconut, I highly suggest you try it immediately.

(However, watch out for ones that are purple on the inside–they taste more like dishwater than nectar).

Middle Eastern Cuisine

I recently had plans to meet a friend at a Syrian restaurant called Ranoush. I was extra excited because I have never tried middle eastern food before.

This was me minutes before leaving considering whether it would be acceptable to just wear these boxer shorts that I wear around the house. Please tell me I’m not the only one who fights this daily battle.

photo 1

I ordered the hummus, labneh (a thick yogurt dip), and warek inab (grape leaves stuffed with rice, lemon, and Syrian spices).

photo 2

Simple ingredients are always the most delicious!

P.S. I ended up wearing jeans–it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Skyping with NASA

Oh you know, your usual 2nd grade science lesson.

photo 3

I think I was actually more excited about this than my students. Not only did I learn why the sky is blue, but I also got more of an idea of how mind-blowingly gigantic space really is. So, the Voyager 1 spacecraft (launched in 1977) just recently traveled out of our solar system–meaning out past Pluto and the other dwarf planets. Now get this: It will take over 73,000 years for it to reach the next nearest star in OUR GALAXY. Keep in mind that there are probably an infinite number (or at least 500 billion) galaxies in the universe……..CRAZY.

I’m sure this gives you much to ponder, so I will leave you with your thoughts.

Have a great week!



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