Keeping it Fresh

Good day, friends!

School was called off for the third day in a row today–something about bus transportation not being reliable because of the cold temps (oh, how those in the northern U.S. laugh at us)–so accordingly, this morning started off with sleeping in and going to a local coffee shop to grab my favorite caffeine treat.

2014-01-07 11.47.58

Triple soy latte

Followed by a leisurely b-fast of one of my favorite combos–plain Greek yogurt with sliced bananas–and a cherry almond bar on the side for healthy fats.

2014-01-08 11.50.19 2014-01-08 11.52.04

I went to a Zumba class last night and I think I am experiencing a little bit of Dancer’s Whiplash today, a condition I learned about from the very inspiring documentary, I Am Britney Jean.



I got into Zumba about a month ago, having gotten bored with my at-home workouts and looking to switch it up a bit.


Driven by the above-mentioned boredom, I ventured back into the gym to hopefully relocate my fitness mojo. And let me tell you, I have been having a blast trying new classes like Zumba and BodyCombat, as well as rekindling my love for old favorites like BodyPump and Spinning.

les%20mills%20combatLes-Mills2 source

With that said, one of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer anyone about getting in shape and staying in shape is this: Find something that you really love because you will be more likely to stick with it. I know you have probably heard this a million and three times, and that is because it is true.

If you don’t really enjoy running, don’t just run or keep signing up for races in hopes that you will one day love it–chances are you will quit before that day ever comes. Also, don’t be afraid to switch it up! I am someone who needs variety to stay motivated and I need to keep it fresh in order to really push myself. Believe me, I fall into exercise ruts just as much as anyone else, but the thing is that I recognize when I am losing motivation and/or have stopped seeing results and I do something about it.


  • Try something new!

Whether it’s a class at the gym you haven’t taken before, or finally trying that yoga studio by your work, what better way to keep things fresh than trying something new? Whether it be kickboxing, a barre class, spinning, or step (the options go on and on) you never know what you will really love, what really truly motivates you, until you get out there and try it!

  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself

If you have been doing a certain workout for awhile, take it to the next level! If you always go for a 4-mile run on Sundays, try to push yourself another mile or half-mile this week. If you have been lifting the same weight for awhile, try to add a little bit more weight this week. Your workouts should never feel easy! Real change happens when we let ourselves get a little uncomfortable. Please note: Your workouts should also never feel painful. Don’t make too many big changes at once or push yourself beyond what your body is ready for.

  • Use the buddy system

Having a friend to exercise with not only holds you accountable to get your workouts in, but you also have a great support system to help encourage and push you to reach your goals.  Added bonus: it can make working out tons more fun! Go on, have a laugh during your run–it’s double the endorphins!

  • Feel the beat!

Music is an incredible motivator for me–I can’t run without it! Whenever I am training for a race, having a new playlist to rock out to as I knock out my long runs (rock out as you knock out, ha!) is sometimes the only thing that motivates me to put on my running shoes. Letting loose and busting a move to a really great jam is one of my all-time favorite ways to get my sweat on. Find what activity you love, add the music you love to go with it, and feel the beat!


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