Week 27-28

Officially in the third trimester! Time is flying!

Feeling: Refreshed! We took a family vacation to Scottsdale, AZ this past week and some sun and fresh air was just what we all needed after the nasty never-ending cold we were all hit with after Christmas. Also feeling a little nervous as next week I have to do the glucose test during my midwife appointment. I’m also excited to start my Hypnobabies self-study program again.


  • Sacroiliac pain in my left hip (started a few weeks ago)–so far it’s been most uncomfortable when sitting on the floor 
  • Cramping in lower abdomen (mostly right side) when walking for longer periods or trying to run on the treadmill 
  • Thirsty all the time
  • Itchy left palm
  • Had my first Charlie horse in the middle of the night (hopefully first and last!)
  • Achey mid back 
  • Morning sickness is pretty much gone, although I still feel a little queasy every now and then 

Sleep: Unfortunately I had a few sleepless nights while we were in AZ: smaller bed+no Snoogle+a snoring husband=blah. But since we’ve been back home, I’ve been sleeping better.

Cravings: While in AZ I couldn’t get enough of big salads, green juice, and hummus with pita. I’ve also been craving sweets here and there (although I hardly ever eat them) which was a previous aversion.

Aversions: Nothing out of the ordinary 

Exercise: I try to do something most days, whether it’s just 20 minutes of prenatal yoga, 20 minutes cardio + Tracy Anderson (or just Tracy without any cardio), a Jillian Michaels 20 minute workout, Body Combat, Grit Strength, or Spinning. I’m so thankful we own a spin bike (I haven’t gone to the gym since early in my first trimester since it’s just easier to get my workout out of the way during naptime) since I pretty much don’t last longer than 5 minutes on the treadmill before cramping these days. I’ve found a few awesome spinning workouts on YouTube, as I much prefer an instructed workout than just winging it by myself.

Baby Prep: Nothing other than a few items of clothing. We currently have 2 names on our list but I still feel the need to keep looking. The other night I woke up and my mind was racing about how unprepared we are as far as the nursery goes, due to the fact that we’re trying to sell our house so we don’t really want to set up his whole nursery, and then have to pack it right back up to move. I keep reminding myself that he will most likely sleep in our room for the first 5-6 months like Scarlett did–I think the process of setting up the nursery is more the need to nest and feel like you are more prepared for baby’s arrival, and it also adds to the excitement and anticipation of the little one’s arrival, so I’m a little sad I don’t get to do that this time around.

25-26 Weeks 

Feeling: Happy when I feel all those baby movements throughout the day that keep on getting stronger:)

Midwife Appointment: At my most recent appointment at almost 25 weeks, I was up about 17 lbs, and I definitely feel the gain! Haha. Baby boy is measuring right at 25 weeks with a heartbeat in the 140s:) The midwife said my blood pressure and everything looks great!

Symptoms: Occasional Braxton-Hicks here and there, exercise-induced cramping especially in right lower abdomen at times, I feel very heavy and lethargic the day after if I eat a heavy dinner the night before and I feel much better when I limit the carbs (unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as I would like!) Also, during Week 26 I started having some sciatica pain on my left side, which made certain things (like sitting on the floor) more uncomfortable. I also experienced this during pregnancy #1, but I think it was during the third trimester.

Sleep: Week 25 included a lot of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, so I finally started sleeping with my Snoogle during week 26. I also had a bad cold during week 26 so I needed something to help me attempt to get at least some sleep. 

Cravings: Nothing really, although pizza always sounds good;) I also was really happy about the Christmas cookies that occurred during week 25:)

Aversions: Again nothing in particular, but many things don’t sound very appealing.

Workouts: Week 25 I really had to play it by ear as far as cardio goes. Running and dance cardio have become very uncomfortable at times due to cramping in my lower abdomen. I was able to get in one 30 minute treadmill workout this week where my abdomen was being agreeable, but every other time I tried running (and very slowly) my stomach started cramping up within the first few minutes. I did a Body Combat workout which felt fine, as it’s a lot of upper body and not a whole lot of jumping around. I also did a spinning workout via YouTube, which didn’t cause any discomfort (other than it being pretty challenging as I haven’t taken a spin class in probably 2 years!). Week 26 was the same story, but this week I had some sciatica pain on my left side which made things worse, and even going on walks was very uncomfortable at times. I did my first prenatal yoga session of this pregnancy (a short 25 min YouTube video) and plan to try to incorporate one yoga session a week for the remainder of my pregnancy.